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    Hi Everyone,

    We will be driving from Orange County California to Durham, N.C. I am looking for advice on the best routes, places to see etc. This is my first cross country trip and I want to do it right. How long do you think it will take? My friend thinks we will get there in 5 and a half days, with approximately 7 hours of daily driving but I'm skeptical.
    Thank you very much!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    With no sightseeing, via fastest route (I-15 to I-40) this is a 5 day drive, on the road for about 9 hours a day. This includes brief stops for bathroom, leg stretching, fuel, and a quick lunch. Add more days if you want to enjoy the trip.

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    Thank you. Any suggestions on places to see?

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Do you have a paper map? It is essential for your safety, and for planning purposes, it will help you find places of interest to you. If you don't have maps, a road atlas such as Rand McNally can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart or bookstore like Barnes & Noble.

    Bear in mind, GLC is correct in saying, this is a 5 day drive at 9 hours a day. (Forget that 7 hours a day stuff. You have to go to the bathroom, get gas, eat, and stretch your legs.) Durham is 2500 miles, or 500 miles a day for 5 days. That's about 9 hours a day. If you want to stop and see something -- even an hour stop is going to affect your trip. If you are inexperienced, you aren't going to want to travel more than 400 miles if you are going to stop somewhere for an hour.

    Along the way: Grand Canyon is about one hour (each direction) from I-40. Stopping there would extend your trip by at least a half day as you try to see something of it. Petrified Forest National Park is lots closer, but will take about 3 hours to do the entire length of the scenic drive. In Albuquerque are many things to do. Tucumcari is full of Rt 66 nostalgia. Before you get to Amarillo, there's Cadillac Ranch, where you can spray paint a bunch of Cadillacs that somebody stuck nose-down into the desert dirt. Oklahoma City has the memorial. Memphis has Elvis' home, Graceland. Nashville is Country Music Headquarters. Try to do all of it, though, you'll be on the road for a couple of weeks at least.


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    Default Places to see.

    One of the ways to find places which interest you is to follow this advice, written by one of the senior members of this forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck
    Start with maps. Not GPS, not software, not Google, but real honest-to-god paper maps that show you your entire route, that you can mark up (and erase), that you can stick pins in, and that show something about the land you'll be driving through. Those are your essential tool in any RoadTrip planning process. Start by marking all the places you know you want to visit. Then connect the dots. Then look for more places of interest and scenic routes and along the lines connecting the dots. Repeat until you've got as many sites and roads as you think you want.
    Then there is also the roadtrip attractions link at the bottom of this page.

    Enjoy the planning.


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    Thank you, Donna!

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    Will do! Thank you!

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