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  1. Default San Diego (Temecula really) to Chicago (IL/WI Border)

    What's the best and fastest route from the Inland Empire, CA to the northern border of IL? Not looking to really sight see or anything. I am relocating and driving my animals back. Made the drive to CA before and took mostly route 66 but just wondering what the best route back would be. Any and all suggestions would be great. Main highways would be what I am looking for with hotels to stay at.

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    The shortest/fastest route would be I-15/I-70/I-76/I-80/I-88 going up through Utah, Denver, Nebraska, and Iowa. It's a bit over 2000 miles, so you need to plan for at least 3 overnight stops to make this trip safely. Place to spend the night would be Richfield, UT (especially important, as you enter a 100 mile gap without significant services); Sterling, CO; and Des Moines Iowa. All 3 places should have plenty of places to stay that also allow pets.

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    Michael's route is indeed the fastest. The "route 66" you were mentioning (up I-15 to Barstow to catch I-40 to 44 to 55) is not nearly so scenic. Between Richfield, UT, and Denver (where you catch I-76), is some of the most beautiful freeway scenery in the US.

    Hubby and I have stayed in Richfield quite a number of times, traveling back and forth between San Diego and central Missouri. Most of the lodging is located off the freeway "in town". Frankly, that too is where the better gas prices are. As Michael mentioned above, you'll want to head east out of Richfield with a full tank of gas and be prepared not to eat for about 128 miles. There is a Motel 6 in Richfield; Motel 6 has a habit of being pet-friendly. We always seem to stay at the Quality Inn in Richfield, but I'm not sure whether it's pet-friendly or not since we usually leave our cat at home.

    Salina (about 20 miles from Richfield) is the last hurrah for both, heading east, until you get to Green River. Salina's gas and lodging prices are usually higher than Richfield's, too. There are a number of rest areas between Salina and Green River, in the San Rafael Swell area. On the Colorado route, there are some beautiful rest areas in the Glenwood Canyon area, as well as in the ski resort areas.


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    Thank you so far! If I am using the map wizard, it doesn't give me the route only a map? Am I doing something wrong in there?

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    When planning a trip, use paper maps and/or a road atlas. You'll see the entire picture instead of what you can see on a little screen.

    As far as the map wizard is concerned, hopefully someone will chime in here for you.


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