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    Default Accident while on trip---help

    Need advice on how to deal with insurance, estimates, etc

    10:00PM. The front office calls down and asks for me to come. WHAT!!???? It is 10 at night.

    Ang and I go down to the hotel's front office. There is a police car blocking my car in the space.

    Does not bode well, EVER. Ang and I pray quickly in the elevator down that God would take care of it, and that it would not be anything that we couldn't handle.

    After identifying myself, I am informed my car had been hit by a tour bus. And need to provide insurance and license.

    He gives me the police report to give to my insurance.

    There is only the passenger back fender crumbled. Still runs, did not interfere with the tire.

    Thank you God for letting it be something I could handle. Once the adrenaline high comes down. Thank you.

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    Sorry to hear about that, being involved in something like that is never fun - and it's even worse when you're on the road.

    The first step is to call your insurance agent, who should at least get you started with advice on your best course of action. Since your parked car was hit, and you clearly are not at fault, it may be better for you to try to file the claim with the tour bus companies insurance company, so you don't end up with the claim on your record.

    As far as estimates go, if the damage is just cosmetic, you might want to wait until you get home - as long as you'll be home reasonably soon. That way you can deal with a shop that you are comfortable with. If you want/need the damaged fixed ASAP, the insurance company may have deals in place with body shops where you can take the car in, get it fixed, and they will pay the shop directly. Of course, you always have the final say in where to take your car, so if you don't like the shop they work with, you can always go somewhere else, it just may mean more paperwork on your end.

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    Just talked with agent. I can get it fixed by their recommended shops, or my shop at home. EITHER way, I will have to pay the deductible to the shop. AND THEN the insurance company will go after the tour bus insurance.

    I have no info on the tour bus. I only have a report claim number on a card. That's it.

    I am now back in tears. I don't have that much money and still do trip. So it will have to wait since it is cosmetic.

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    If you file the claim with the Bus Company's insurance, then you won't be responsible for a deductible.

    Presumably, since the police report contains your insurance information, it should also contain the bus company's insurance information. If not, contact the police department and/or bus company immediately. Having the other person's insurance information is probably the most important piece of information to have right now.

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    Been there, done that. Twice. So I feel for you. One time, we had to abort a trip because the accident totaled our mini-van, and we came home in a rental car. (The accident was in Illinois, and we were living exactly where we are now, in California.) Another time, like yours, it was cosmetic. We didn't get it fixed until we got to a place where we actually trusted the shop to fix it. Both times, however, were different from yours, in that we were clearly at fault. You aren't.

    If the tour bus occupants were staying at the same place you were, then the motel should have information about the tour bus company. That report claim number should also have it. Your insurance company will have a handle on that, I'm sure.

    Hang in there.


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    Like Donna, I feel for you. Can't think of anything worse. Glad to hear that it was only the car, and that there is absolutely no dispute as to who is at fault. Not having the funds with you makes it doubly distressing. It is the one reason I carry a credit card.

    Good luck with the rest of your trip, and safe travels.


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    I am now waiting for the police accident report to find out who the company and there insurance. I will contact them directly, unless they contact me first.

    I understand that I can have the tour bus company pay for the repairs directly without me having to put the money up front. (I have a very high deductible on my insurance.) Oregon has no fault policy, and Mississippi has fault policy, which may be factoring in all of this mess.

    Right now, I am calm again. I had wanted to run to my home and hide under the covers. But it is 5 days away. So, has given me time to adjust to the reality of being on the road and dealing with an accident. This is another first for me.

    So it is off to President Bush's Presidential Museum and Library in Dallas today. And getting to visit with my brothers.

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    Oregon isn't really a true "no fault" state - this only applies to personal injury protection. For property damage, the bus company's insurance will pay to fix your car as long as they have been determined to be at fault. It should work like this - provide them with an estimate and they will issue you a check.

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    Nice to know.

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