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  1. Default Buying car in Brazil for road trip and selling in Peru

    Hi all,

    I am planning a road trip from Rio de Janeiro to Lima, by buying a car in Brazil and then selling it in Lima.
    Does anyone have any advice? Will they let us through other countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile and Peru.

    Thanks everyone.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Buying and selling cars in South America really isn't the forte of this forum. I will warn you that buying a car in one country and selling it in another is usually a very difficult process, and in some countries, it won't be allowed at all. As for the specific regulations of Brazil, and Peru, I doubt you'll find any answers here.

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    Hi Alex,

    I live in Bolivia and have purchased two Land Cruisers here. Our family is getting ready to road trip to Iguazu Falls, Montevideo and Buenos Aires. I was looking for information when I found your post.

    The moderator is correct, it is very difficult to complete the process of buying and selling cars in South America. It requires a lawyer, though not to be compared to a lawyer from the US. I can almost promise you will be cheated in some way, and probably on both ends, if you can swing it. If you are bringing a car into another country to sell, it is importation, and Bolivia, for example, forbids importation of cars older than three years.

    If you're from the States, adjusting to the South American driving style is also a bear. I've been here three years and am just starting to feel comfortable. Oh, the headaches! Down here the roads are unmarked, often times dirt or cobble (when the map line would seem to indicate highway), and construction is unannounced and pervasive. Detours often require local knowledge.

    I think you should take your trip, but consider other means of transportation. It's so easy to hop on a bus and let someone else worry about which road to take. Costs are low - no worry about fuel, repairs, insurance, bribing the cops, etc.; and trust me, you'll still have quite an adventure just riding the buses.

    Take lots of pictures and never let your camera out of your sight. Never help anyone pick up anything they've spilled (like coins, safety pins, etc), and if they've spilled something on you (mustard, honey, etc.) it is a ruse and they are trying to rob you. Deal with cleanup somewhere else and guard your wallet.

    Good luck!


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    Default Welcome.

    Hi Jake and welcome to RTA !

    Thanks for jumping in to share your experience and knowledge in your first post on the forums, it's much appreciated.


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