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  1. Default To much? West Coast Trip

    Hello everyone.

    I'm from Belgium and next year, me and 5 others (age 35+, 3 guys, 3 girls) are planning a trip in the west. As usual I am the designated planner. I've started to put somethings together but after reading a lot on different forums I'm a little worried my planned trip would be a bit to demanding?
    Befor fully planning it all out I wouldn't mind some 'inside' information.
    This is the big picture for the moment?
    It is scheduled for early June, approx 14 to 16 day.
    We would start and end in Las Vegas (to avoid high drop off cost for the rental car) > Grand Canyon, South Rim > thru 95 Lake Havasu City ???>Palm Springs (aerial Tramway) > La, Hollywood, Venice Beach etc... > Hurst Castle, Carmel, 17 mile drive, Monterey Aquarium > San Fran > Yosemite NP > Sequoia Np > Drive thru Death Valley back to Las vegas.

    What do you guys think, is this do'able in our timeframe.
    Hints, tips, must do's/see's along the way.

    Also do you think this could be done with a budget around $2200 a person (on US soil)

    Are there advantages to starting/stopping from an other city? LAX, SF...?

    Thanks in advance guys....
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    Default Looks good.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Your plan is perfectly doable, but whether it is to demanding or not is really down to the group as a whole and the pace you want to move around at and how much time you want to spend in Vegas, LA, Yosemite etc. The first thing I would consider doing is reversing the whole trip so that the Ocean and Oceanside viewpoints will be on your side of the road heading south. You could also alter the visitation of Yosemite and Sequoia so that instead of going south around the mountains to Bakersfield between Sequoia and Death valley, [or vice versa] you travel over the spectacular Tioga Pass [CA120] across the mountains between DV and Yosemite. With your time frame you could consider dropping Sequoia NP [as spectacular as it is] and settle for visiting the giant Sequoia's at Mariposa grove in Yosemite.

    Travelling as a group, I think your budget is reasonable but you will need to work out how you will go about transport and lodgings. It's OK to find a vehicle to seat 6 people but to carry all their luggage as well is not so easy. You could consider renting 2 cars and rotate who travels with who on different days.

    If you are planning on staying in the National parks then booking well in advance would be essential.

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    The Mariposa Grove is going to be closed this June or July for 24 months for restoration.

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    @Southwest Dave: good tip ...doing the trip in reverse...hadn't thought of ocean viewing and tioga pass would be a nice upgrade :-)

    I've read a lot about the stays in the NPs and their tendencies of filling up quit quickly. What's concidered as booking well in be absolutely sure? One year?

    Do you guys have any suggestions/experiances about lodgings at Yosemite?

    Are there other alternatives for Mariposa Grove or places to see the giant Sequoias near Yosemite? (@GLC...thanks for the heads up)

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    Default Keep an eye on it.

    Quote Originally Posted by DesignatedPlanner View Post
    I've read a lot about the stays in the NPs and their tendencies of filling up quit quickly. What's concidered as booking well in be absolutely sure? One year?
    Keep an eye on the website and be sure to book as soon as the booking window opens. It is not necessarily the same for each park.


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