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    Hope you're all doing well. I'm planning a trip from Minneapolis to Niagara Falls (US side, need visa to go to Canada), Boston, New York and Dallas. I have approx 10-11 days for this, and below is the itinerary I've been thinking of:

    Day 1 -> Start from Minneapolis around noon, reaching Hammond, IN for night stay
    Day 2 -> Hammond, IN - Erie, PA. I'd like to get as close to Buffalo as possible, but I'm thinking driving all the way to Buffalo might get quite tiring. What would be a good place for overnight stay (Erie, or between Erie and Buffalo)?
    Day 3 -> Spend 3-4 hrs in Niagara falls and leave for Albany/West Springfield,MA in the afternoon.
    Day 4,5 -> Stay in West Springfield and visit Boston.
    Day 6,7 -> Reach New York city, sightseeing.
    Day 8 -> Half day sightseeing in NYC, leave for Philadelphia. If possible, see major attractions in Philadelphia, and reach Chantilly, VA for overnight stay
    Day 9 -> Chantilly, VA - Kingsport, TN/Knoxville, TN
    Day 10 -> Try to reach Memphis.
    Day 11 -> Memphis - Dallas. If we decide to do some sight-seeing in Memphis, we might try to reach up to Texarkana, and complete the rest of the journey on Day 12.

    I understand this is a rushed trip, but this is all the time I could manage.
    Any suggestions/guidance with the above itinerary would be very helpful. Are there some scenic routes that I should take rather than the freeways?


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    I see a couple spots where you might want to make some changes.

    First, I'm not sure why you think Hammond to Buffalo would be so tiring. It's a little over 500 miles, so it's a good day on the road, but you'd have all day to make the drive. It's really not that much farther than Minneapolis to Hammond, or Erie to West Springfield - and for both of those days you're only going to have half the day available.

    Staying in West Springfield isn't going to give you much of a chance to see Boston - you'll have at least a 2 hour commute each way (quite possibly much more with traffic).

    If you're going to spend half the day in NYC on day 8, then don't even bother with Philly, you won't have time to see anything, and your plan would force you to take the most congested highway in North America to get to the Washington Suburbs. You'd be much better off using I-78 and I-81 and aim for someplace like Winchester, VA.

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    Default Nyc.

    As Michael said, if you only have half a day for NYC, you would spend ALL of that time looking for a parking spot, and trying to get through the city. Leave it for a trip when you have more time. I'd spend more time in Philly, but as mentioned above, that too has issues.


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    Just completed this trip, with some minor changes to the initial itinerary. It was a good trip and could see a little of Philadelphia and Memphis (4th July fireworks).
    Thanks for your suggestions.. Over to planning the next one ;)

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