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  1. Default Guidance for Places to see Jersey City/NJ to Saint Lo MO

    I will be driving cross country to Calfornia from Jersey City, NJ. I am pretty sure that I will take route 66 from saint louse MO.

    I have about 17 days, but I will prefer to spend Just about 5 days driving from NJ ro S'Louis. I want to see Gettysburg but no other strong must haves. I prefer off historical places, beaten paths and places, burns, country-side, not big city or museamus.

    Can excelents folks in this forum suggest some possible options.

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    Default Is this the same trip?

    Is this still the trip to take your friend to California? How long will you have for the trip?


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    NJ to St Louis -- yes, Gettysburg is a great place for a history buff. If you like aircraft and space history, try Dayton. Lots of stuff about the Wright Bros there, as well as the USAF Museum. (I know you said you didn't like museums, but the latter is quite unusual.) If you're going to take I-70 much of the way, both are right there.

    As far as taking Rt 66 from STL to California, 66 has been decommissioned for years and years. Most of it is underneath I-44 from STL to OKC, and I-40 out to Barstow. There are some active sections that are labeled either as the Busn. Route 44 or 40, or AZ-66 (a still functioning section between Seligman and Kingman, AZ).

    It's a 5-6 day drive from NJ to CA, plus stops and sightseeing.


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    Default Assuming...

    Since you haven't given us a whole lot to go on other than your starting and ending points and the fact that you'd like to see Gettysburg, the best we can do is offer you broadly similar sites that are more or less on the way. Continuing south from Gettysburg past Frederick to Antietem and then following I-70/I-68/US-40, the old National Road, would bring you past Fort Frederick, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, and Fort Necessity before putting you back on I-70. In Ohio, you'll pass by the National Road/Zane Grey Museum as well as the excellent aviation sites in Dayton that Donna mentioned. Then in Indiana there's the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum and Vincennes wouldn't be that big a detour. Finally, in Illinois you might enjoy the Lincoln Log Cabin Historic Site and in St. Louis the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.


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