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    Hello Friends!

    I am road tripping with my mom and kids to visit family in Georgia. There are two mapquest routes that are similar in distance and time. Which is best? We are leaving from South Mills, NC (the very northeast part of the state) and going to Douglasville, GA. We are leaving at 6am tomorrow and coming home Monday. Also, if any Georgia experts have a reccomendation of something to do near Douglasville or on our route home that would be great. If not, that's fine too. The purpose of the trip is to visit loved ones.

    Thank you so much for any tips,

    Amanda B.
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    If, as appears to be the case, you plan to make this drive in a single day, then you have no choice. You must take the most efficient, shortest (in time) route and you'll have no time for any stops along the way. At 600 miles, this trip is as far as professional long-haul drivers are legally allowed to drive in a day, and they don't have children to take care of. The two routes shown differ by only three minutes in estimated driving time, but the more southerly of the two has the advantage that it avoids Charlotte NC which you would otherwise be trying to traverse during two weekdays, there and back. Note that the estimated driving time is just that - driving time - and does not include any stops for food, fuel or restrooms. Nor does it include time lost to any slow downs due to traffic, construction, or even a single red light. Plan on this transit taking a lot closer to 11 hours, or even more.


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    Welcome to RTA!

    This is a 600 mile drive, and will require you to take the fastest route unless you can spend an overnight on the road. This is US-17/US-64/I-95/I-20. You won't have time for any sightseeing or diversions.

    Don't believe that 9 hour and 5 minutes figure that your software gives you. Add at least 20% to reflect reality. You will not be able to average more than 55 mph, if that, when you account for lunch, traffic, construction, bathroom, and fuel stops - and the first portion of your trip is not on limited access highways.

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    Thanks a bunch! I'm prepared for the drive! My husband is from Ohio so we are used to 600 mile trips with the kids. Sometimes it helps to stop and break up the trip and take the baby out of the car seat for a bit. On the way to Ohio, for example, we stop at Berkeley Springs, WV and walk around for a bit. That's why I asked about stops:-)

    Thanks for the tip about avoiding Charlotte. I didn't know if one way tended to have more construction or delays or if one route was two lane or something. Mapquest doesn't always account for those things.

    Thanks again!

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    US-17 is a 4 lane divided highway - but NOT expressway all the way - from your home to US-64, with speed limits between 45 and 70 and some traffic lights. US-64 is an expressway from there to I-95.

    In spite of the fact that I-95 is very heavily traveled, it's going to be less hassles than dealing with Raleigh/Durham/Greensboro and Charlotte. Columbia is no big deal. You are going to have to deal with Atlanta no matter what route you take.

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    A quick update: Our trip was a good one and 95 to 20 was a great route. We did not encounter the first bit of road construction or major traffic. Atlanta was congested but we timed it so that we didn't hit rush hour. Thanks again! You guys are the best :-)

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