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  1. Default Need suggests for first American Road Trip to New York.

    Hi! I'm Yasmeen, 16, not yet planning to go on a roadtrip this year but am eventually going to. I have very limiting knowledge about American roadtrips but it's always interested me. I needed help deciding where my starting point should be for my journey, (I know I want to end in New York). I am juggling between Florida or New Orleans but ultimately any suggestions are welcome. I wanted to follow a route that would offer the most scenery, culture and exprience. If any one can tell me some possible routes best to consider, I would be massively thankful.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    At 16 years old you have a lot of time to research and study maps before you embark on your journey and that's where I would advise you start. Searching around the RTA site will give you endless amounts of ideas, but you also need to consider your budget, how much time you can spare and what exactly it is that interests you. I will let others comment on the pit falls of travelling when young but you could be looking at another 5 years just to hire a car and then, as a young driver it will be very expensive.

    The planning is part of the dream !

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