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  1. Default Abilene, TX to Pikeville, North Carolina

    My sister in law and I are taking our kids (3 total) on a road trip to see my brother. We are going to take 2 days to drive to North Carolina. We were wondering what good stopping points would be for the night? (Day 1 try to make it to ___) Also, what are things we simply can't miss. The kids are 6, 6, and 4.

    On our return trip, we have plenty of time, and were thinking about coming back through Tenn. We know Graceland and Memphis for the BBQ are some must stop places. Any other recommendations. And same question as the first, what would be good goals to try to make it to ___ on Day 1. And for the rest of the trip, what would be some must see places???

    Any advise welcome. Neither of us have been to North Carolina or Tenn. We both love civil war, antebellum homes, etc...

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    Default Nope, No Can Do

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    Sorry, but the hard fact is that you couldn't drive from Abilene to Pikeville in two days even if it were only the two adults and you didn't care about your own safety or anybody else's who happened to be on the road with you. Throw in the kids and at best this will be a slog from hell with NO stops for the kids to get out of the car - just strap them in fresh from bed and unstrap them to put them to bed again at night. You need a minimum of two and a half days, three full days if you want to stop anywhere en route and see something such as D'Arbonne National Wildlife Refuge, Vicksburg Battlefield and the Gunboat Cairo, the Mississippi Petrified Forest, Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge, Uncle Remus' Hometown and Museum, Congaree National Park, or Bentonville Battleground. Any or all of those spots would give the kids a chance to get out, run around, get some fresh air, yell and go crazy a bit. But absolutely none of them are available to you if you persist in making this a miserable, and totally unsafe, "Are we there yet?" drive.

    Three evenly spaced driving days, with a couple of stops each day for the kids to be kids, would put your overnight stops at roughly Monroe LA and Atlanta GA.


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    Thank you for your honesty. We are meeting 4th of July weekend, so we will just leave a day sooner!!! And that you for the tips on places to stop and see!!

    When my dad moved my brother out there, he said it was the worst trip/drive he'd ever made and flew home. But they left last minute and my brother had to report for duty.

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    At 1400 miles, you do need that extra day on the way there. You will be glad you did, and your kids will be glad too. I suggest two days around 500 miles (10 hours with kiddos each day) and one around 400. First overnight would be around Rayville, Delhi, or Tallulah LA, and the second night east of Atlanta, around Covington.

    Rayville has a Super 8 at exit 138, Delhi has a Best Western and Executive Inn at exit 153, and Tallulah has a Super 8 and a Day's Inn at exit 171.

    Covington has a few choices. Quality Inn at exit 93, Baymont Inn, Best Value Inn, Cornerstone Lodge, Days Inn and Super 8 within 2 miles of exit 92, and Holiday Inn Express at exit 90. Every chain restaurant known to man appears to be at exit 90.

    Conyers, a tad closer to Atlanta, has even more choices for both lodging and food at exit 82. Every other chain restaurant is there, along with Conyers Inn, Country Hearth Innm, Country Inn and Suites, Days Inn, Hampton Inn, La Quinta, Microtel and Suburban Lodge.

    Hopefully taking it easier in 3 days will give you a much more pleasant experience, one you'd enjoy trying again!


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    Default Making it unforgettable.

    With three days, you can make this a trip the children will want to remember. To help them make memories, I suggest you get each child to keep a journal. Nothing fancy, just each night before bed, record the most memorable parts of the day. A small note book will do. Works best if the adults do the same.

    Even a 4 year old can do this. My grandson still proudly shows the journal from his trip to Britain when he was two and a half. For him recording his memory of the London Eye was drawing a large circle with a stick figure inside of it. It is also nice to include photos taken along the way. These can be pasted in afterwards. He has a photo of the front fence of the RV park in which they stayed, and excitedly tells me how much fun they had in the pool...... right behind that fence.

    Include all the time away from home.


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