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  1. Default Route advice for RV trip out of Chicago

    My family and I are planning a first time RV trip in June. We are currently stumped as to where to go.
    Here are our particulars: 7 days
    Leaving from Chicago
    11 and 8 yr old boys who want to camp, hike and fish
    we like nature and scenic routes. We like the national parks in California (but those are too far)
    Currently thinking about SD, Great Lakes or the smokey mountains. Is Yellowstone too far? We would prefer. If possible, to stay a day or two at the campsites.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You are correct, California is too far. Yellowstone really is too far as well - you'd practically have to turn around as soon as you got there.

    The Smokies are certainly within range, and South Dakota could work for you, even Colorado might be a possibility. However, I'll throw out another idea - Michigan's UP. There's no shortage of hiking, fishing, and camping possibilities, and since it's a bit closer, you'd have more time do those activities, and less time just trying to cover miles. Here is a very recent discussion of some of your options in the UP.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You've done a pretty good job of laying out both the limits (seven days out of Chicago, RV, two small boys) and the desires (scenery, camping/hiking, fishing) for this trip. And of the possible destinations you list I would rule out South Dakota because the Black Hills are already too far - it would take four of your seven days just to drive there and back, and the Great Lakes because they're too close - after all, you live on one of them and everyone from Chicago will be heading north to Wisconsin and the UP. That leaves the Smoky Mountains as the best alternative. But think just a little outside the box and you can make this a great loop trip, spending a few days in each of two or three different locations so as to make it a constantly new adventure and to make the most out of your trip. I'd suggest then that you look at the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park as places where you might set up camp and explore a little bit on foot. You could also stop in at Mammoth Cave National Park as you drive through Kentucky. Wherever you go, if you stop at a national park or monument be sure to sign the boys up for the Junior Ranger Program. They'll learn more about the park and get some nice free souvenirs.


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    Thank you so much for the help! We decided on the Smoky Mountains. I'm looking up where to hook up the RV and have gotten stumped again. My husband is looking for quiet and wants to be smack in the middle of the woods- no idea if that is possible. It looks like you hook up somewhere, then hike to go fishing, etc? Any recommendations would be most welcome!

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    Here is the best information for RV camping inside the park. NOTE that there are no hookups, you must be self-contained. Toilets and cold running water only, no showers.

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