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  1. Default San Fran, Vegas, LA

    Does September count as fall?

    We are in the early stages of planning a tour and as typical there is a split in what people want to see. One group are very keen to spend time on the Big Sur and coastal regions of LA to San Fran. The other group want to see more of the national parks around Vegas (i.e Grand Caynon, Antelope Canyon, Vermillion cliffs) maybe Monument Valley but this might be too far.
    I am struggling to fit this into 14 days, can anyone give us some suitable tips please?

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    Default You have to find a compromise.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There has to be compromises in everything but a solo road trip and the bigger the group the more compromise. As far as a loop trip in 14 days that will give 'some' and 'some', it would look something like this. SF > LA > Grand canyon > Monument valley > Page [Antelope canyon] > Zion NP > LV > Yosemite [via Death valley and Tioga pass > SF. That's doable in your time frame and you could include Bryce canyon before Zion NP, but again compromise comes into it, not everyone wants to travel at the same pace.

    If it's booked to finish in LA then you could head down the coast as far as Cambria then cut inland to Yosemite and reverse the rest of the trip as above back to LA.

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    Thanks for the info. San Fran is the start so that would work. If we didn't stay in LA (to spend more time on the coast and canyons) where would be the best point to head East? From Santa Maria it seems you cut through the Los Padres National Forest, would this be a more scenic route? Or go down to Santa Barbara?

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    You have several options. The quickest is to go inland at Cambria, and take 46 to 99 to Bakersfield, then 58 to I-40. You could take 166 out of Santa Maria to 99, go north to Bakersfield and 58. If you want to go as far as Santa Barbara, take 126 out of Ventura to I-5, cut through Santa Clarita to 14 to 138 to 18 to I-15. If you want to go that last way, let us know, it's actually more involved than I just described.

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    1 Las Vegas
    2 Death Valley
    3 Yosemite
    4 Yosemite
    5 SF
    6 SF
    7 Big Sur - Cambria
    8 Grand Canyon
    9 Grand Canyon
    10 Monument Valley
    11 Page - Antelope
    12 Zion or Bryce
    13 Las Vegas
    14 Las Vegas

    Does this work?
    Is the drive from Cambria to GC too much for one day?
    I have seen a few comments that Monument valley is too far out the way and it would be better to add an extra day somewhere else, thoughts?

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    Your itinerary looks pretty good and if you are happy that's all that matters. You could stop short of GC and travel in next, Kingman or Williams perhaps. It would be possible to visit Monument valley and continue to Page same day and it would be worth spending 2 nights in Zion to get at least a full day there (1.5). Springdale is a great little town for Zion and the free shuttle bus takes you into the canyon from there. Out of the east kiosk of GC you will find Cameron trading post that makes good overnight lodging for visiting MV and continuing to Page.

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    Cambria to GC is 640 miles and too much for one day. Kingman is doable, Williams may even be a bit too much - and there's nothing in between.

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    Slight change to the plan, the flight we intended to get to LV was changed so now we are flying into SF. So;

    1 SF (don't land until late aft)
    2 SF
    3 SF
    4 Collect hire car - Big Sur
    5 Big Sur toward Grand Canyon
    6 Arrive GC
    7 GC
    8 GC
    9 ?
    10 ? - Death Valley
    11 DV - Yosemite via Tioga pass
    12 Yo
    13 Yo
    14 Yo - SF (aft flight)

    The first and last few days are fairly sorted, the parts after GC we are still trying to work out the most economical route to fit in time for Antelope, Monument valley (this could be just a drive by), Bryce and Zion. Is there a route from Bryce towards death valley that would allow a drive by of the Hoover Dam?

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    Default A bit much.

    Bryce is north of LV and Hoover dam south. Although it's not far from LV and you could detour to it, if you only have one day between GC and DV you won't have time for all that you have listed, in fact you really need to choose just one or two and Bryce is quite a way out of the way for your timescale. You could leave GC on the afternoon of day 8 and make your way to Zion which is probably what I would do, possibly overnight in Page and see if you could get an early tour of Antelope canyon, continue to Zion ( day 9] and then DV. Monument valley would be an option over Antelope, as possibly Bryce would, but doing more than one of these and Zion might be too rushed. I would choose any of these over a trip to Hoover dam, but it's what you want that matters.

    You might want to make your way out of Yosemite on your last day depending on the time of your flight, even Groveland on CA120 would save some time, but you need to allow plenty in case of delays. It might be worth considering leaving SF a day early at the start and spend that extra day there at the end to save the worry of getting back for a flight.

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