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    Default Late December - January road trip

    Hello everyone!

    I'm a first time poster, living in the UK. I've been to New York and Nashville before in the last few years (I'm a big fan of Nashville!).

    My friend and I are looking to go to New York City for Christmas, then hire a car and travel up to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago and then down St Louis to Nashville... From there I'm hoping we can make it to New Orleans (with stops on the way) then following the coast down to Orlando, Florida for our flight back (again with stops along the way).

    We have about 30 days and we've saved a good amount of cash up.

    I was wondering, if anyone had any advice about any of this, any places you've been to before that are within 100 miles of the places above and you think are amazing, or should we avoid anywhere?

    My main concern is temperature, I understand it's going to be pretty cold during our trip, and although we're experienced drivers we don't get a lot of snow or ice in the UK. Would you go a different route if you were I? Is it safe enough to drive on the highways? Am I being too ambitious?

    Sorry! These are a lot of questions, but if you have any thoughts at all about any of the above, I'd love to hear about it!

    Best wishes,

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    Default Winter Driving Basics

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Some of my favorite RoadTrips have taken place in winter. Roads are emptier, crowds are nearly nonexistent, and a fresh cover of snow can make even the most mundane places scenes of wonder. However, all of those plusses point to the same basic reasons, winter driving can be treacherous and the cold of winter can make being out in nature less comfortable. But both problems are relatively easy to overcome.

    I have lived in areas with both hash winters (Maine and central New York) and harsh summers (southern Arizona). I much preferred the harsh winters. You can always put on another layer of clothing to combat the cold, but once you're down to your skivvies what do you do when you're still too warm? Obviously I'm talking about being outdoors here, but that's the point of travel is it not - to be outdoors?

    As for treacherous driving, the answer is even simpler. If the road conditions are outside your comfort zone, simply don't drive. You have time enough on this trip to spend a few days in the same place should the weather conditions warrant it. This would be a great opportunity to explore your local surroundings on foot and experience winters such as you typically don't see in the UK which, even though it's farther north, is washed by the warm Gulf Stream. In any event, roads are usually cleared in less than a day either by excellent road crews where they see a lot of snow or by warmer weather where they are less prepared to deal with it.

    In short, I wouldn't let the time of year you have available for this trip be a detriment, but do take a more relaxed attitude towards staying on schedule. As to sights to see, that will depend on what you consider worthwhile - so what are your interests, those of your friend, and why are you taking this RoadTrip?


  3. Default Places to Visit in Pittsburgh

    Hi Geo. I have lived in Pittsburgh for over 4 years. It is a great city.

    Make sure you visit Mount Washington - you can see the entire skyline of Pittsburgh downtown. The view is spectacular. Park your car at the bottom take the Duquesne incline to go up Mount Washington. Once you come down the incline go to station square or Southside. Southside has a series of bars and pubs on either side of the street. Obviously it will be filled with school crowd depending upon the time you visit . If you want to visit calmer crowded pubs go to Walnut street in shadyside. Marios and Cappys cafe are my favorite on walnut street.

    Food: Grab a bite at primanti brothers. Its pittsburgh's famous sandwich located in oakland (near CMU and Pitt) or strip district. Kaya in strip district is a great burger place. Burgertory near waterworks mall has the best burgers and shake.

    With that being said, strip district is a nice cute little district with lots of reasonably priced shopping stores and eateries. As I mentioned Kaya and Priminti Brothers is located there.

    Point state park in downtown is one of the most visited parks in Pittsburgh.

    Phipps conservatory in oakland is also a nice place to visit.

    Carnegie science museum in downtown has an omnimax theatre and I believe this is the only omnimax theatre in east coast. So do visit if that interests you.

    Falling waters is a beautiful architectural and unique home just outside Pittsburgh.

    There are so many more things to do around Pittsburgh. Let me know what your specific interests are and I can give you more suggestions.
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