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  1. Default 26 ft Truck Moving from NYC to Dallas, TX

    Hello All,

    I could use some help from a few true road warriors as I am facing a couple of new adventures on this road trip. This will be my first time driving a 26ft truck and my first time driving cross country. I am having difficulty putting together my complete plan. Would really rather the opportunity to speak to someone than just trusting the internet--any ideas on trip planners would be great. This maynot be an issue, but I'm concerned about the proper routes for the truck and if there might be any overhead issues.

    I could use some suggestions on places to stay, from people who have driven a truck this size and know the hotel has appropriate parking with a lot I can get out of without great difficulty. Looking at locations where we can eat and sleep, if possible. I am anticipating a 3 1/2 day trip, stopping overnight in Winston-Salem NC and Nashville, where I would like hotels as close to the highway as possible. Then to Monroe to visit my sister before heading on to Dallas.

    Unfortunately, it looks like we will be making this trip Memorial Day Weekend, so I will probably need to secure my hotel in advance. Any ideas on reasonable places with the specifics previously mentioned are greatly appreciated.

    I am also a little concerned about the current weather conditions and how to possibly plan ahead, if we should run into an unforseen storm. Wet roads and a 26ft truck just doesn't sound like fun.

    Any recommendations on how to plan a safe, cost effective trip would be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome to RTA!

    The best thing to do to find suitable hotels is look at the Interstate exits outside of town, ones that also have a truck stop/travel center (TA, Pilot. Flying J, Petro, Loves) at the same exit. They will generally have a "back lot" suitable for trucks. Call the hotel to confirm.

    Now, for your routing. I assume you mean Monroe, LA?

    You do NOT want to take I-95, trust me. Take I-78 out of NYC to I-81 in PA, then take that to I-40 (use the I-640 bypass around Knoxville) to I-75 to I-24 through Chattanooga. This does NOT take you to either Winston-Salem or Nashville, neither are anywhere near the most efficient route. From Chattanooga, take I-59 to I-20, using the I-459 bypass around Birmingham.

    Your first 2 overnights should be near Wytheville VA and Meridian MS. Both should have a good choice of truck-friendly lodging.

    There will be no clearance issues on any Interstate highways.

    You can use our Hotels app to research hotels and even book them if desired. If you click on Hotel Description, it will generally say if they have a truck-friendly parking lot. For example, the Days Inn in Wytheville says this:

    A spacious parking lot means plenty of room for large vehicles such as trucks and RVs.

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    Default You'll be fine.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You really can't get an accurate weather forecast untill a couple of days before you leave, but a truck is quite stable on wet roads and you shouldn't worry about anything you wouldn't in a car, other than strong winds on a high sided vehicle. Any height restrictions would be well signed long before you got there showing alternative route, but that shouldn't be an issue on major highways.

    As you have had no experience driving such a vehicle, or long distances, I think Winston-Salem will be a very long day on the road and if you are not already loaded and on the road early, possibly a little far. It's probably going to be 11 hours in a truck and thats without delays. I am not sure which 'Monroe' you refer to, Monroe LA ? You shouldn't have to much trouble finding hotels near Interstate exits that can cater for your vehicle, you can get ideas by searching 'Roadtrip Motels' to the right of this page.

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    According to my husband's commercial driving road atlas, there are no clearance issues for any highway mentioned. Interstate highways were built for commercial transportation, whose trucks are "long and tall". There is a rest area near Whytheville on I-81 that is listed as "NO TRUCKS", but they will be signed. Exit 72 in Whytheville has a number of truck stops as well as Comfort Suites, Fairfield Inn, and Hampton Inn. The Day's Inn mentioned above is at exit 73 and appears to be near a lot of good restaurants, including the Cracker Barrel that we ate at, back in 2012.

    As for Meridian, MS, there's a military base there, so there are a number of lodging choices, most of them with "Truck parking".


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    Thank you, this is very helpful.

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    Thank you, I appreciate this insight.

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