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  1. Default Road trip from Phoenix, AZ to Boise, Idaho

    I am trying to figure out the best place to stop for the night between Phoenix and Boise. I need to do the trip in 2 days. If I stop in Vegas for the night, with the trip from Vegas to Boise be too long if I need to get to Boise by 4 pm? Are there any better places to stop for the night that are close to the midpoint of the trip?

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    Vegas isn't far enough to go, if you want to make it to Boise on your timeframe.

    Actually, I wouldn't even go via Vegas for this trip. I'd go up through Flagstaff and use US-89 into Utah, and use I-15/I-84 for the trip onto Boise. Fillmore, Utah would be a bit more than halfway and has a decent selection of motels to pick from.

    Going via Vegas would be tough, assuming you were thinking of then using US-93, as that goes through some very remote country, and there really aren't any good places to spend the night in your target area.

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    Midwest Michael, thanks for the advice.

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    If you can spread this trip over three days that would make it perfect trip. One day/night in Vegas and second stop in Jackpot, ID or via US93...

    Just to add to other suggestions...

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    Jackpot is actually in Nevada -- there are about 5 or 6 places to stay there, if I recall correctly.


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    yes, Jackpot is in Nevada side of border with Idaho state line.

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    On this thread, post #71 has a photo of a rest area just south of Jackpot, NV.

    If I recall correctly, that was one rest area where I was very glad that we'd tucked a roll of toilet paper under one of the seats in the car!


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