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  1. Default Chicago To San Francisco in September- advice please?

    Hi folks!
    I would be very grateful for any advice you could offer on routes. Me and the other half are going from Chicago to San Francisco, over 17 days in September. We will be spending 2 nights each in Chicago and SF, but other than that the route is fluid. Ideally we would like to visit at least one National Park. As I see it- we could go more northerly and do Yellowstone and Lake Tahoe, or cut South and do Grand Canyon and Yosemite. Is there any particular route that would be of special interest do you think? In particular I'm looking for advice on where would be good to visit as we cross towards the NPs. Sorry for such a broad question!!!!

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    Default The specifics lie with you

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You are right that this is a very broad question, and as such, the only answer comes down to you - as in which places look most interesting to you. There really is no other right or wrong answer.

    I will say no matter where you go, Yosemite could easily be worked into any trip out of San Francisco. Going from there back north past Lake Tahoe and onto Yellowstone really wouldn't be any more difficult than going south towards the Grand Canyon.

    Beyond Yellowstone, you could easily work Grand Teton as well as the Badlands and Black Hills into a more northern route.

    If you go south, after the Grand Canyon, there are numerous other National Parks in Utah and Colorado that could also make for a great trip.

    Really, the best thing I would suggest is that you spend some time looking around the National Parks website, get a feel for which places look most interesting to you, and then start building a plan from there.

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