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  1. Default Planning a road trip from SFO to Seattle andd Vancouver

    Dear Road Masters, I am planning to drive from SFO to Seattle and Vancouver with my 7 years old boy. May I ask your advice on where to stay along the road? I am thinking about Christmas but then figured out that the road may not be easy. So I may go in next Spring break or summer. I only have maximum 9 days in total and would like to see if we can only drive about 4 or 6 hours a day maximum. Thank you for your help and sharing in advance.

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    Default Time and Distance Considerations

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    You'll only need roughly 15 hours of actual driving time to get from San Francisco to Vancouver through Seattle. So you'd only need three days if you just drove the most direct route (I-5/BC-99). Even if you drove the coast road (CA-1/US-101)all the way up to Seattle you could still make the trip in just four days of six hours of actual driving each day. So time is not a real constraint unless you need to do this as a round-trip in only nine days, and want to do a lot of sight seeing, and spend time in Vancouver. So your first job is to decide which way you'd rather go, inland or along the coast. That in turn will depend on what sorts of things you and your son would like to see along the way. Only then could we begin to offer suggestions on places to stop.


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    Thank You AZ Buck!
    If I choose the coast way, then snowing is not a problem, right? I meant I want to visit in Dec. but worry about the direct route will be blocked by snow. If I choose the coast way, this wont matter. Am I correct?

    If I go in summer, I will choose one way in and the other way out. So please share your professional advices on both routes for site seeing, thank you so much.

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    Default Unusual, But Not Unheard Of

    It is, indeed, unusual for the Oregon coast to see significant snowfall, Even at its northern end it averages less than an inch a year. But that average includes years of no snow whatsoever and the occasional significant accumulation. So you can plan on seeing no snow even in December, but don't be terribly shocked or totally unprepared if you encounter one of the rare Oregon coastal snow events.


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    I-5 is very seldom closed by snow, but snow tires or chains are frequently required over the Siskiyous. You should be able to get a good idea of what the conditions are going to be a day or two in advance.

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