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    My name is Juan Frangella, from Argentina, and I m writing to get some tips for plannning a route for our 9 day RV trip beggining june 11 to june 20 in Los Angeles.

    We booked a class A 34 from el momte rv for six people (adults)

    will be very helpful if you may suggest a route which includes las vegas, grand canyon, yosemite, san francisco and back to LA.

    We know that it will be a tight schedule, buy your suggestions will be kindly appreciate.

    Also we let you know that it will be oir firts rv experience although we are all 44!

    thank you very much

    Juan Ignacio Frangella

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    Hi, Juan, and welcome to RTA! I'm sure one of the moderators will be along and will probably take your post and make a new conversation about it.

    El Monte RV has a good reputation. If you are smart, don't try to pick up the RV on the day you've traveled into the USA. Get a good night's rest and pick it up the next morning. After they give you the "how to" of caring for an RV, ask them for a recommendation about where you can take it to practice handling it. By that, I mean a parking lot that may be completely empty (a church on a weekday, a school on a weekend) where you can back it up, turn it, etc. A long rig like that is harder to turn because it doesn't bend in the middle. Make left turns from the right-most left turn lane, swing wide. Make right turns into the left lane to avoid taking the traffic light or stop sign with you.

    As far as what you want to do in those 9 days, it will be a squeeze. You have a day's drive to Grand Canyon. Then four hours to Las Vegas. From LV, you'll probably have to swing wide around Death Valley via I-15 south, CA-58 west (out of Lenwood) and then north on US-395, because most RV rental places won't let you drive through that heat with their RV's in June. (If you can, it will considerably shorten your trip, but don't be tempted to violate your contract. Your rig will have a hidden GPS in it for theft purposes and they will know where you took it.) Anyway, you can enter Yosemite through CA-120, the Tioga Pass Road -- it's supposed to be open this coming week for the season.

    Personally, with a 34' rig, I'd skip San Francisco if you possibly can. Or park outside it, such as in Concord or similar, and take public transportation into the city. The parking is expensive for cars in SF, and practically unavailable for RV's. The only other thing to do would be to try to reserve a site at Candlestick RV Park, and ride public transportation from there.


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    During our RV trip last year, we skipped Sanfrancisco because we couldn't get tickets for Alcatraz. Had we snagged tickets though, our plan was to avoid driving there and instead head for Oakland International Airport across the bay.

    We were going to leave the RV at Expresso Airport Parking and take a cab to the ferry docks nearby. Their entrance did not have a low overhead that most of the other lots had, and they even had optional inside storage. The manager was very accommodating when we spoke to him on the phone. The ferry would have taken us to the pier area in San Francisco where we could walk to several interesting attractions including the Alcatraz ferry. We thought the multiple ferry rides would have been fun and scenic.

    Unable to get tickets, we canceled the parking and headed to Monterey instead and took a whale watch trip and saw the Aquarium too. Both were great. We continued down the Pacific Coast Highway which had Spectacular views from numerous pull offs. That was the highlight of our vacation.

    Oh, a tip about RV driving. A lot of damage happens when backing up, even with cameras. Always back up with a spotter or two outside and you'll avoid a costly headache.

    Hope you have a great trip!

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    Txs for your quick response. I really appreciated you recommendations about practicing once we picked the RV and the death valley issue. May be we gonna skip Grand Canyon and head first to SFO, parking outside the city.

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    If you intend to drive the coast road [CA1] you will need to allow at least one overnight stop between SF and LA. I would head to SF at the other end of your trip so that the Ocean will be on your side of the road heading south. I don't think you need to skip GC, but that will depend on the pace you want to travel at. You could comfortably do the whole trip, but you could also spend a week in Yosemite. To avoid DV [if need be] you can simply head north from Vegas on US95 then cut across to Mono Lake/Lee Vining on NV266/264/US6 and stay there before heading over the Tioga Pass.

    I would recommend that you think about booking RV sites asap as sites for the big RV's are limited in number and very popular.

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    Thank you very much for your advice

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    Juan, that trip will make for a very tight schedule. You may want to consider an alternative: LA to Las Vegas then a day or two out to Zion NP(fantastic scenery) and Grand Canyon(North Rim, much less crowded), then down to San Diego(a beautiful city and area to visit) then a short drive back up to LA. The max speed safely attainablr on those rental class A RV's is 60-65 mph, check a mileage table, not sure you can cover the distance you want to travel reasonably in the length of time you have avail for your trip. You're also likely to encounter many areas of very heavy, grinding traffic where you want to visit(LA, Vegas, Yos, San Fran). San Diego traffic can also be tough, but you'll cut at least 800-1000 miles of driving by eliminating the northern Cal part. Good luck & enjoy!!

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    Default Thank you.

    Hi witch hunt, and Welcome to the Great American roadtrip Forum.

    Thanks for jumping in with your first post to help another traveller. Great suggestions, and I too prefer to visit the less crowded and higher elevation of the North Rim.

    Anytime you would like help with a trip, feel free to start your own thread.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lifemagician View Post
    Hi witch hunt, and Welcome to the Great American roadtrip Forum.

    Thanks for jumping in with your first post to help another traveller. Great suggestions, and I too prefer to visit the less crowded and higher elevation of the North Rim.

    Anytime you would like help with a trip, feel free to start your own thread.

    very interesting site(just discovered). Of course I love good road trips and traveling in general!

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    Tks for your advice!

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