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  1. Default Harrisburg PA to NYC, Boston then Bar Harbor Maine....any suggested routes or stops?

    We'll be flying into Harrisburg PA then renting a car to NYC then maybe off to Boston and Bar Harbor or Portland. I'm a Southern girl and not familiar at all with the route. Any suggestion will be appreciated!

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    Default There are Routes and Then There are Routes

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There is not any one single route that is best for all cases between two points. There are fast routes, direct routes, scenic routes, toll routes, routes that go near to attractions in between, etc, etc, etc. If all you want to do is get from Harrisburg to New York, that's easy. You simply leave town on I-81 northbound and take I-78 east when it splits off. That will get you to New York City. Similarly if all you want to do is get from New York to Boston, then I-95 is the 'easiest route to follow since it goes through (or around in the case of Boston) both cities. However, it is not the 'best' route since it is neither the shortest nor the least subject to heavy traffic. For a better route (the one I prefer) leave New York on I-684 north to I-84 east through Hartford and then getting on the Mass Pike (I-90, toll) into Boston. Farther north, I-95 out of Boston (toll in New Hampshire and Maine) to Portland, I-295 around Portland and then US-1 along the coast to Elsworth and ME-3 to Bar Harbor would be the route I'd recommend even though staying n I-95 all the way to Bangor and then hooking back south on US-1A would save you a little bit of time.

    But those are just roads that get you from Point A to Point B. If you want more out of your routes than that, for example more scenery or interesting way points, you're going to have to tell us what in particular you're looking for.


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    Default A few tips from my experience.

    You may already be aware that you will not want a car while in NYC (or Boston). Both cities have good public transport, parking is hard to find, and when you do find that one spot, very expensive.

    For NYC you might like to park your car in a long term car garage in NJ, somewhere near a railway line. Then take the train into the city.

    For Boston you might look for accommodation with free parking outside of the city, near a railway station, and take the train to visit the sights.

    Throughout PA and once you get north of NYC, you will find there are many scenic routes to enjoy. These are all marked on good maps. If you are a member of AAA these maps are free. They are also highlighted in a good road atlas such as Rand McNally. If you have the time available, I would highly recommend them. You never know what little gem you may chance upon.

    Time permitting, I try to choose a different route each time.



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