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    Default San Francisco to ? NorCal

    I haven't been on here for a while! But am wondering if anybody has a link to a 5-6 day trip from San Francisco going north, but needing to fly out of SFO again. I'm open to any ideas! We do like hiking (keeping it mellow & below 5 miles for this trip), sightseeing, not really wine people!

    I've just started looking into this trip so it's not a definite but I've scribbled down a few things...
    Start SFO - Point Reyes Seashore - Mendocino - Ave. of Giants/Humboldt - Eureka - Redwood NP - Cresent City - stop somewhere then SFO

    Not even sure 5-6 days is enough for the above or if it's too much. We've not been past SF before.

    Any help to get us started would be great!

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    You should have plenty of time to take CA-1 and US-101 up the coast to Crescent City, then US-199 to Grants Pass, then I-5 back to SF. However, you may want to think about reversing the direction so the scenic turnouts along the coast will be on your side of the road.

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    I agree with glc, drive north on I5 and then meander back down the coast with the Ocean on your side of the road, it will make a lovely little road trip.

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    Default Sounds Familiar

    My wife and I made a similar trip a couple of years ago. Have a look at our RoadTrip Report for our experiences and maybe the odd idea or two.


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    Thanks guys. Quick q - this trip would be mid-November, does Grants Pass close (like Tioga) or will it be open (unless storm comes in). Or does this road not actually go up over a pass!

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    Grants Pass is a town, but there are several mountain passes in the area, most notably Siskiyou Pass. However, I-5 is a major freeway that is open all year, except when severe weather makes the road impassible. US-199 is also a year round road.

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