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  1. Default June rv trip from Fort Lauderdale to Oregon

    Hello everyone,
    I am brand new here and looking to get some advice on a June road trip I am planning with my family in our 42ft rv. Leaving from florida and ideally would like to see Oregon. We have 40 days to travel round trip. Would like to get ideas on the more scenic routes going and returning. I would like to travel a different route on the return. Would like to know the roads and areas to totally avoid with an rv. Would like to know the "must sees" along this route. We are taking this trip to spend quality time with the family and to see a part of America that we have not seen. Any input wil be greatly appreciated.
    My thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    What I'd do is get out my atlas or a large map of the USA, and either some highlighters or sticky notes. Open it all up and see what's on that map that intrigues YOU, and your family members. Tag/flag things that sound good! Pretty soon, an obvious route will start to open up, and will probably work into some sort of a loop trip. On RTA, we don't usually do "MUST SEES" because my idea of a great "must see" may be someone else's "avoid at all costs".

    Roads to avoid with an RV, of 42 ft length? Most of your interstates are built well for lengthy, weighty vehicles and usually include truck lanes when climbing up mountains (6% grades max, normally) or when requiring that truckers slow down (long down grades). When utilizing interstates, take advantage of these special lanes. Truckers won't get annoyed, believe me! Areas to avoid with an RV? Always, always, always, know that you can get out of something you go into. Interstate rest areas are fine -- wish I could say the same for "rest areas" along US highways, as some are just city parks. We were in one this summer and even commented, glad we aren't towing! Shopping centers are probably fine, too, just be nice and park in the back. :-)

    If we knew a little bit more about your interests other than "scenic routes", it might help us give you some ideas. History? National parks and landmarks? "A part of America that we have not seen" is a start, but we don't know what you HAVE seen, which is why I suggested getting out a map or atlas.


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    Default Nothing like some good detailed maps.

    Would like to get ideas on the more scenic routes going and returning. I would like to travel a different route on the return.
    As mentioned above, a good atlas such as produced by Rand McNally, or some good detailed maps of each State through which you plan to travel, such as produced by AAA you will see that all the major points of interest - natural, historical, touristy - and the scenic routes are marked on them.

    Until we know more about your interests and the interests of those travelling with you, it is hard to make more specific suggestions.


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