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  1. Default Roadtrip from Flagstaff, AZ to Memphis, TN using I-40 across to Memphis, TN

    We are taking a trip from Chino Valley, AZ to Huntsville, AL and my Husband and I are OTR Truck drivers as a job, but this trip, we are taking My mother (83) and our 13 yr old daughter with us. We are stopping for the night in Amarillo, TX, but between Flagstaff, AZ and Amarillo, TX and Amarillo, Tx to Memphis, TN for one or 2 sites on 40 would be great. We are going in December.

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    I'm sorry, but I don't see how you think you'll have any time to stop at all on this trip. Flagstaff to Amarillo is already going to take you a good 10 hours, and Amarillo to Flagstaff is 725 miles, so that's a minimum of 12-13 hours on the road.

    As OTR Truckers, I'd think you'd be well aware of the safety concerns of traveling such distances, and that's before you even consider the needs of a teenager and an elderly passenger. Throw in that this is a December trip, where you have a very limited amount of daylight, and a pretty high chance of seeing some bad weather.

    You can check out the RTA Map Center for lots of possibilities of places to explore, but I really think you need to take a second look at your plans first.

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    If I use my software to plot out the trip and to follow the standard recommendations for overnight stops, this should be a 2.5 day trip with overnights in Tucumcari and Fort Smith at best. Weather conditions can very likely tighten this up even more.

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