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    I would like to get some advice on a road trip in in the state of Oregon.

    We will be arriving in Portland mid August from Iceland. We plan to rent a car and drive around for 5-7 days before taking a trip to Hawaii to celebrate our anniversary from Portland Oregon.

    We have heard that Oregon is a very beautiful state. We like scenic driving routes, historic landmarks, great big trees (that we don't have in Iceland, friendly small towns to explore and stay the night. Good american food is also something we like. Last but not least anything interesting and specific for Oregon.

    3 to 4 hours of driving pr. day is optimal.

    Suggestion for a good round trip greatly appreciated.

    Regards Ragnar Magnus

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Things I would recommend in Oregon: Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Crater Lake National Park, the the West Cascade Scenic Byway with its great views of the Three Sisters area, and Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

    Great big trees are mostly a big further south in California, at Redwoods National Park.


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    Default Scenic Routes.

    There are some very scenic routes to drive in Oregon. These are all marked on good maps. On your arrival it would be a good idea to buy a detailed map of Oregon, or get the State map from the tourism authorities.

    At Hood River (via the above mentioned Columbia River Gorge) head south to Hood River National Forest. 216 to Maupin and the nearby White River Falls State Park. Further south is the Crooked River National Grasslands and the Peter Skene Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint.

    Route 26 from Prineville to Baker City via John Day passes by and through a number of scenic parks and forests, peaks and lakes.

    The drive from Bend to Lakeview (and onto Goose Lake) is also a very pretty drive which passes through small towns, parks and other points of interest.

    And then of course there is the spectacular Pacific coast. Be sure to drive at least some of that.


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    I guess you must be thinking and planning with your sub-concsious. You are coming to Portland, home of the best volcanoes in North America (Crater Lake, Mt Hood, Mt St Helen's{[OK so its WA, but close]) and some of the best most rugged coast in North America. You are going to Hawaii, completely volcanic islands, wonderful coast. But where do you come from? Iceland, best know for its wonderful volcanoes and coastline!!!!
    Here is a thought, the longer you spend in a car the less chance you have of meeting people and soaking up the ambiance of small town America. Perhaps think about driving an hour West to the coast, to Astoria, OR. It is a very pleasant small town and has the added advantage of having history (Lewis and Clark at Fort Clatsup) and also is something of a movie center, most spectacularly you can follow and find the routes and buildings used in the making of The Goonies, Free Willie, Short Circuit and Kindergaden Cop.
    An hour East takes you up the beautiful Columbia Gorge, with its waterfalls (e.g. Multanomah Falls), which are not on the main river, but on its tributaries. Some big Dams and HEP generators (Bonneville), Mt Hood will give you a view and lots of lovely walks. The Dalles has an excellent museum about immigrants (pioneers), then you are into desert.
    An hour South and you are in Salem, with its Capitol buildings and museums (the aircraft Museum has the Spruce Goose, but they won't let you fly it).
    Why not look on the internet for some festivals to go to. We have found that some of our best memories are the welcome that we have been given at small,intimate, bluegrass festivals.
    e.g. Brownsville Country Music Festival
    Or the bluegrass festival in Bend
    Or maybe a Pow Wow, they are fascinating, though there don't appear to be any around the time you will be there, they often appear on the calendar just a few weeks before the event takes place.
    Just look for whatever interest you. But have fun.
    Well hope you have fun.
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