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    Hello.. I will be driving with my son to Denver first week of June. I am looking at a 10 day trip, then I will fly home. Looking for the best route, Best things to see, attractions, places to eat and stay? We would like to average 8 hours of driving per day, and the least amount of traffic possible. Any help would be appreciated!


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    There are two main routes that are usually suggested for a Boston to Denver drive. For want of a better nomenclature, let's call them the I-80 route and the I-70 route, although neither adheres solely to the Interstates for which they're named. The I-80 route would actually start out on I-90 from Boston to Cleveland where it would join I-80 to Chicago and then continue on I-80 into western Nebraska before a final leg on I-76 into Denver. The I-70 route also starts out on I-90 from Boston but then uses I-84 down through Connecticut to Scranton, I-80 to the Akron area, I-76 and I-71 to Columbus and I-70 the rest of the way to Denver. You could drive either of those routes in four relatively easy days (less than eight hours a day of actual behind the wheel time) and that would leave you plenty of time to visit sites along them or in the many, many cities each route passes through.

    However, there is a third alternative that you should at least consider with as much time as you have available for this trip, and that is to stay off the Interstates and away from large cities for almost the entire trip. There are any number of scenic 'back' roads that will let you travel at a more relaxed pace, stop as the mood strikes you, and still let you make good time on a cross-country trip. Between Boston and Denver, you could string together such roads as the Mohawk Trail, US-6 across northern Pennsylvania, the old Lincoln Highway (US-30 through the Midwest), rural routes such as US-24 and US-34 through Indiana and Iowa, and the old Oregon Trail (US-30 along the Platte River). With the right connecting roads, you could make the entire trip and see no town bigger than Fort Wayne IN. It would, however, take a bit longer - maybe 5½ days of eight hour driving - than either of the two Interstate routes.

    So, those are your basic options for a routing. Take a look at them and what the major attractions are along each one. Once you've decided on one, or if you need more information to make that decision, let us know.


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