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  1. Default road trip from east to west coast. suggestions requested!

    Hello! We are planning to do a road trip from NC up to California beginning of May/end April. I have been told its very ambitious. Has anyone done it before? We also wanted to visit Grand Canyon and anything else that is near by or on the way.. Any thoughts on Yosemite and Yellow stone? How many days should we account for the travel part?
    Thank you!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Is this a one way trip or a round trip? How many days are you planning on being gone and what start date? Where in NC are you starting from and where in CA are you finishing?

    These details would significantly help us make recommendations.

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    Default So much depends on the information you supply.

    Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    People are driving Coast to Coast every day every month of the year.

    Coast to coast can be driven in five very long days, or 6 regular days. Seven days would make it much more comfortable, but still does not allow for major sightseeing. So you see, the more time you have the more you can go sightseeing. It would be helpful if we knew a little more about your interests and the purpose of the trip. Is it a one way trip, or a round trip? And how many people is 'we'?

    Early May Yellowstone will only just be coming out of winter mode. So it is best left to the end of the trip. Though Yellowstone is not really on any direct route from NC to CA. The Grand Canyon is a distinct possibility, depending very much on where in CA your destination is. Tioga Pass over the Sierras into Yosemite may or may not be open, so that needs to be taken into account.

    Start by getting hold of a good road atlas, such as Rand McNally, so you can see what is available to you and your route options - of which there could potentially be dozens..

    I'm sure there is a lot more information we could give once we have more information about this trip.


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    Most of the regulars on RTA forums have been across and around the country many times, and are very practiced in planning trips such as yours. More information would help us to help you, though, as California itself is a huge state (and takes the better part of 2 days to drive the length of it on I-5, more if using the 2-lanes or the coast highway).

    To do justice to Grand Canyon, you would need at least one full day to be able to see it properly. That would include either a sunrise or a sunset.

    For Yellowstone, Lifey said it's just coming out of winter mode. Here are the opening dates for the roads (weather permitting):
    Weather permitting, roads open at 8 am. Changes and delays are always possible.

    April 17: Mammoth to Old Faithful;Madison to West Entrance;Norris to Canyon.
    May 1: Canyon Junction to Lake;Lake to East Entrance (Sylvan Pass).
    May 8: Lake to South Entrance;Tower Junction to Tower Fall.
    May 22: Tower Fall to Canyon Junction (Dunraven Pass); Beartooth Highway.
    June 11: Old Faithful to West Thumb (Craig Pass).

    For lodging and other services, Click here.

    No one knows yet when Tioga Pass will be open. We have a big Poll on that one every spring (for the opening) and fall (for the closing). You *can* get to Yosemite, and the Valley is open year-round, without Tioga Pass.


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    If you've never been to Utah, you should take time to drive from Moab (and see Arches National Park) through Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon, Zion, etc...You'll be happy you did.
    I've traveled all over the US, and been all over the southwestern and northwestern states many times. I live in WA state, travel across the US for a month every summer on a motorcycle.
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    Default Welcome.

    Hi Twofootnine, welcome to RTA !

    Thank you for offering advice on your first ever post, it's much appreciated and we hope you can share more of your expertise on the forums. By leaving an e mail address it is of no benefit to other members who may be searching the forums for advice and you are opening yourself up to getting a whole load of Spam. Hope to see you on the forums !


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