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    Default Minneapolis to Denver with two kids and a moving van!

    We are moving to Colorado and will be packing up and leaving mid-May. We are looking to do a cross country road trip with out one year old and three year old. I would love some suggestions of good places to stop along the way to get out, give the girls a wiggle, and possibly see some great spots in America! Looking to take I-80 route...have about three days

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    Default In the Eyes of a Three Year Old

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    It really doesn't take much to be a "good stop" when you're only three. Even less when you're one. And for the parents of such youngsters, a "good stop" should be one that would, as you say, "give them a wiggle" while hopefully costing you as close to zero as possible. Fortunately for you, such stops are available all along the Interstates. In your case, your route of choice would simply be I-35 south to Des Moines, then I-80/I-76 to Denver. If you were to stop every couple of hours to just let the girls have some 'freedom' time out of the car where they could make some noise, have a snack or picnic lunch, and allow you to have a chance to recharge your own batteries, that should be more than sufficient. With three full days for the trip, those stops could be fairy lengthy as well. One thing I would suggest you consider as you work your way west in Nebraska is to point out to your older daughter how many of America's pioneers used the same route, then known as the Oregon Trail, to also go west to new homes and new lives - and most of them walked!


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