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  1. Default Las Vegas - Yosemite - San Francisco late April 2015

    I have read alot of threads on this subject already but I wanted to get some opinions on the routes as suggested below. We are going from LV to SF on the April 28/29.

    Plan A
    April 28th: Drive from Las Vegas to Lee Vining passing through Death Valley and heading north on the east side of Sierra Nevada. Overnight stop at Lee Vining.

    April 29: Plan A is to drive the Tioga pass (if it is open). I have read that there is very little snow this year - but April 29th might still be too early. If the pass is open then we would like to do a half-day hike somewhere along the Tioga pass or nearby. Any suggestions? Or shouls we go to the Yosemite valley for the best hikes? We need to be in SF late on April 29th.

    Plan B
    If the Tioga pass is closed then we can either use a route further North (and still have an overnight stay at Lee Vining) or we can chose a different route from LV that perhaps ends up in Yosemite valley. Any thoughts on what would be best?

    Either way we have 2 full days and one overnight stay. Preferably we would like to go through Death Valley and have time for a short hike somewhere in Yosemite. Thanks for all assistance!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The snowpack is very light this year, but Tioga Pass has never opened in April before. That's not to say it couldn't this year, but I wouldn't plan on it being available.

    I would try to do your hiking in the Yosemite Valley. That really is the heart of the park.

    With only 2 days available, If Tioga Pass is still closed, then I'd go around via Bakersfield to reach Yosemite. I don't think you'd have time to get back to Yosemite if you go up to one of the passes farther north.

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    Thank you. I guess we could make reservations in both Lee Vining and Yosemite valley for an overnight stay. How long before opening the Tioga pass will it be announced?

    It could maybe be a bit long to drive from LV to Yosemite in one day..

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    They dont really announce the opening date until they are ready to open it - so usually only a couple days notice at best.

    LV to Yosemite in a day isnt bad if you are driving directly. If you are planning to go through death valley first and then onto Bakersfield, it would be a bit much. Even if you go directly, you still might want to stop at oakhurst or one of the other towns just outsode the park.

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    Hiking in Yosemite Valley -- years ago, my husband, daughters and I got on the trail about 8 am and headed UP (literally) to the top of Upper Yosemite Fall. It was a half-day hike, somewhat strenuous, but the view was *awesome*. This was in mid-April. It's a hike I have never forgotten. Here's the trail description.

    Tioga Pass/Tuolumne Meadows was not open then (it never has been, on any of my trips to Yosemite including one in late June one year). It's been so dry this year, though, so.... who knows what will happen!?! Keep your options open.


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    You should have no need to book lodgings and then you can check the status at the last minute and head to Lee Vining or Oakhurst.

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    Thank you. Top of Yosemite Falls is a 6-8 hours round trip. Is this recommended over a trip to Glacier point?

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    You can drive to Glacier Point - it's a short walk from the parking lot to the point itself. I doubt that you would have the time to do the 7 mile hike.

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