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    Default Lander, Wy to San Francisco

    Hi -- I'm picking up my son from Lander, Wy in August and we will spend a week driving to San Francisco. We've seen Yellowstone. This trip is about weird Americana -- if there is any along the way. Any thoughts on the best, most interesting route to take -- should we go to Jackson and Idaho Falls or down to Salt Lake City? I'm not familiar with this area at all so any thoughts on the best, not quickest, route are much appreciated!

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    Off-hand: Flaming Gorge, Dinosaur National Monument, and the Salt Flats come to mind. Going in another direction, in Idaho, Craters of the Moon National Monument may be considered by some as "weird".

    Here's a thought: Get out an atlas or a big map of the USA (get maps free at AAA if you're a member). Start flagging it with some of the things that jump out at YOU. A route soon forms! This is one of the ways my husband and I have planned trips.


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    Default Gathering Information.

    Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    I'm not too sure about 'weird Americana', but you will pass through the country I would call 'beautiful America'.

    You will be starting off right by the Great Divide Basin, formed by a split in the Continental Divide. US287 will take you right through this unique high altitude desert Heading west on I-80, at exit 122 is the turn off to the living ghost town of Surprise. The administration centre of the town is extremely helpful and has the history of the area. Further on in Rock Springs the BLM office is also incredibly helpful. You could head out following their instructions to see the rock art and Boar's Tusk along county road 17.


    Head east along I-80 to exit 122 at Sinclair and check out the Sinclair to Alcova scenic byway. Lots of wild life up on the high plains and in the mountains at the northern end. Campgrounds and fishing in lakes and rivers and other BLM activities along the way. A little further along I-80 is the turn off to Saratoga (with its free hot springs) and the Medicine Bow NF. The Snowy Range scenic drive which takes one to the top at Libby's Flat. The drive takes one through to Laramie.

    By far the best thing you can do is go see the Tourist office in Lander. WY has an excellent small book on the best to see in their State, as well as an excellent (free) State map. I have always found them to be most informative. I am sure they would also be able to direct you to any weird Americana in their State.

    That's it just for WY, all other States will have similar sites and information available. As mentioned above, good maps will give you most, if not all of this information. Don't leave home without them.

    Happy travels.


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    Default An 'Interesting' Route

    If you're looking for unique sites to spice up this trip, then perhaps a somewhat zigzag route would be in order. After all, you have plenty of time, and it would be unusual in the extreme for all the best sites to align along your easiest or shortest route. So what might a good route that gets to a number of unusual places look like?

    Well, it could start by going south, as Donna suggests, through Flaming Gorge to Dinosaur National Monument, then turn west to the Great Salt Lake, then north west to the Snake River Valley, Hagerman Fossil Beds, the Thousand Springs, Bruneau Sand Dunes, and the truly unique and little visited Bruneau Canyon. For the last site, note that the signs on the dirt road in to it warning you to "Beware of objects falling from planes" refers to the fact that you're driving across a bombing range for the nearby Mountain Home Air Force Base. It's perfectly safe and you wanted "weird" and "interesting" after all!

    From there you could again head south through the Duck Valley Indian Reservation to Elko and dinner at the Star Hotel, then west through the Great Basin to Virginia City, through California's Gold Rush Territory, and on into San Francisco.


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