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  1. Default Road Trip Moving (Mom + Daughter) from Woodbridge Va to Sacramento Ca

    Hi, I will be moving in summer from VA to CA , this will be the first time doing a across the country road trip and I need advice as far as:

    * Preparing my car - 2007 Yaris w/160,000 miles

    * Safer Route to take and easy on car ( I dont want to end it up in lonely roads specially with a child)

    * Tips or advice as far as things I will need for emergencies.

    I already know it will take me around a week to do this roadtrip, I do not have a problem if it takes a little more,as long as my route is safe for the car and for us.

    Thanks in Advance for the help.

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    Default Enjoying your cross country trip.

    Hi Clarisa, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Your car should be fine, so long as it has been well maintained. Before you leave, get a trusted mechanic to look it over, and tell the mechanic about your trip. I have done cross country trips in much older vehicles with many more miles on the clock. As far as safety is concerned, you won't have a problem on the roads of the US. Just drive at the speed with which you feel comfortable and make regular stops. As far as safety at night, use the same instincts you use at home. If it does not feel right, move on, no matter what the cost.

    The most direct route would be I-80 across country, and you are correct, it will take you about a week. However, you may find that I-70 is much more scenic, esp through CO and UT, and could safe you a heap in tolls, I-15 would get you onto I-80 and then into Sacramento. Approach this trip the way an athlete would a marathon. Plan it out, and don't be tempted to exert yourself on those early days.

    You don't say how old the child is, but regular stops would be wise, to stretch your legs and clear your mind, and let the child burn off excess energy. Here are some suggestions for such stops along the interstates.

    If you are not already a member of a road side assistance organisation, I would highly recommend that you take out a AAA membership. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind, should you have even just a flat tyre. While you are at the AAA, be sure to pick up a copy of a map for each State through which you will be travelling. Don't be tempted to rely solely on electronics. They are good for finding specific addresses, but for the overall picture, you need good maps.

    As you study the maps, you will note that the attractions along the way are mostly marked on the maps. Some of these could serve as a little respite after hours in the car.

    Have a safe trip.


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    I-15 is not a very efficient way to get from I-70 to I-80, and I'd hesitate just a bit taking an old Yaris up I-70 west of Denver, that's a pretty rough climb. There is also a 108 mile stretch through Utah on I-70 with no services and no cellphone coverage.

    What I'd recommend as the most efficient route avoiding most tolls is this:

    I-95/I-495 around west side of DC, I-270 to Frederick, I-70 to Hancock, I-68 to Morgantown, I-79 to I-70 to KC, I-29 to IA-2/NE-2 to Lincoln, then I-80 to Sacto.

    Take the south bypasses around Columbus (270) and Indy (465), and I-270 around the north side of STL. Take I-435 around the NE side of KC.

    This drive is doable in 5 days, but that's 10 to 12 hours on the road each day - so a week is the right amount of time to allow.

    Plan your overnight stops in smaller towns where possible. If you need to stop near a larger city, plan the stop on the far side (after you go through or around) so you won't be fighting rush hour in the morning.

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    Thank you Life, i am still trying to figure things, but i will take into consideration your advice.

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    Hi Glc, definitely one of my worries is the high altitudes, climbs when it comes to my car and also been without service. I am taking note of your route plan. Thanks for the help.

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    Following my route, you will have almost continuous cell coverage, will never be more than 50 miles away from services, and will max out under 9000 feet in altitude. Also, a review shows that there will be NO tolls.

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    GLC, I have another question- Do you think an EZ-pass or paying tolls will make my travel easier, still taking in consideration altitude? Thanks!

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    The tolls that GLC was trying to help you avoid are also a lot busier highways than the ones he suggested. We were on the PA Turnpike and the 80/90 bit this past summer. I couldn't believe how busy the Turnpike was, and hubby (a former commercial driver) said it was like that all the time. Then if you can avoid 80 in the Chicago area, you'll appreciate it. It's super busy!!!! I'd much rather go 68/79/70 -- and yes, we did that too (going the opposite direction) this past summer.


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    Taking the toll roads only saves you about an hour - which can get eaten up if you get jammed up in traffic around Chicago. The toll-free route is only 50 miles longer. There are no altitude considerations - those are all in the west and can't be avoided without going all the way south to I-10.

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    Thanks All for the help and suggestion. :)

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