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    Default Salt Lake to Seattle to Vegas

    Hi, I'm so excited to have found this site as we are planning 2 road trips in the next few months. Our first will go from Salt Lake City to Seattle and then down a little past Vegas. I would love ideas on must do items especially from Salt Lake to Seattle to Central California, the rest of the trip can just be the drive home. We will absolutely be stopping at the Redwood Forest. We have 2 almost 4 years olds that will be traveling with us so 4-5 hours max driving a day (except perhaps the first and last days). We will have camping gear or will be staying in inexpensive hotels. I can't wait to hear suggestions. My husband loves FOOD to, so yummy, inexpensive places to eat or fresh seafood places would be appreciated too. I love the Northern West Coast and can't wait to explore it. Thanks, Amber.

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    Default So many options.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    When will this trip happen ? Spring and summer come late to some parts, Crater Lake for example. How much time do you have ? Looking at you trip and keeping to 4-5 hours of driving per day, you will need a minimum of 10-11 days plus any multiple day stops.

    We really don't do 'Must do' things as one persons dream location could be anothers worst nightmare. I will start by making a few suggestions off the top of my head but then I would recommend you sit down with a good map and see what appeals to you. Once you have them marked up a route will start to develop and then we can offer help on fine tuning your trip and making suggestions.

    Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, [Snake River Canyon, Perrine bridge] Mt Ranier NP, Seattle, Olympic NP, Portland, Columbia River Gorge, Mt Hood, Crater Lake, Redwood NP, Humboltd state park, [Ave of the Giants] Golden Gate and SF, Yosemite NP, Death valley, Las Vegas, Valley of Fire and Zion NP.

    These are just a few of thousands of possibilities !

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    Default Perhaps think of staying on the road a little longer each day.

    Even with two four year olds you will probably find that you can drive more than your specified 4 - 5 hrs per day... and still have time to set up and take down a tent. You might like to look on the map (paper map) at the small towns and parks along the way. Most small towns have a playground or a point of interest (such as an old steam engine) for children. If you plan your day so that you can get away as soon as possible after 8am, and stop every couple of hours for the little ones to burn off steam, and you to stretch your legs and clear your mind, you might find that everyone will be happy till around 4pm.

    That is what we always did on camping trips with our five children. Hubby would pitch the three tents while I started to get the food ready.


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