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    Default planning a road trip - what vehicle to get?

    Hi there, I have been planning a trip across country. I have been researching everything from vans to small motorhomes. I want to be able to sleep, cook meals & use a toilet inside the vehicle. So far what's been standing out in my eyes are class B+ motorhomes. Really the only downfall I can see is the gas mileage. I am comfortable driving something 30' or less. When I have been researching vans with kitchens & toilets, they are usually only 1-2 feet smaller then a 24' motorhome but the shower is in the toilet area. That ain't gonna work!

    Anyone have any ideas that I don't know about? I went to a motorhome show a couple weeks ago & went in quite a few. Since I'm one person, I don't need more than one area of bed. I do need kitchen counter space & am apprehensive about slides because I have cats. I don't want them getting stuck somewhere while I'm in the drivers seat.


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    Based on what you've said, it sounds like a Class B motorhome is exactly what you're looking for. There's no vehicle that has all the features you're looking for that is going to get good gas mileage, and if that's the only downfall you can think of, then I think you've found your answer. A Class B should at get better mileage than a Class A or Class C, both of which would be larger than it sounds like you've be looking for.

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    Toilet inside the shower is pretty standard for smaller RV's. My dad used to comment, you could sh**, shower and shave at the same time. :-) But I agree with Michael, Class B is probably your best bet.

    It may behoove your cats to put them in a small kennel (cage) while you're traveling, and let them rove when you're stopped. Unless, of course, they are quite used to traveling in a vehicle unrestrained. Many states require that you restrain animals in some way in moving vehicles.


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