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  1. Default Is Anyone planning a roadtrip from DC to New Orleans?

    hi everyone,

    my name is Violetta, i live in NOla, and i need help:i have a box of clothes which my friend in DC has, so i am looking for someone who is travelling from DC (or somewhere else and DC is on your route) to NOla anytime to get this box with you(its a medium size box and ship it cost about 79$), in exchange i can host you here for a couple nights(if you are alone or with your friend/partner/husbnad/wife),or if you already have place to stay-i ll pay you 50$ and if you are happenng to come during jazz fest-we ll take you to our friends crawfish boil near jazz fest venue!

    tahnk you!!!

    if you dont go but you know someone does-please get us in touch , i really really need to get my staff))lol

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    Default Why folks may hesitate to take up your offer.

    Hi Violetta, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    My first reaction to your request is that in this day and age it would be hard to get anyone to carry a parcel for a stranger. Not that this is a 'flight type' security issue, but most folk would be hesitant in case they were pulled over, and illegal items were to be found in the parcel.

    I know you mean well, but that may be something to consider. If this were me, I would welcome a carrier to watch me pack the parcel and inspect each item if desired. If you ever watch any of these cop shows on tv, you will understand that saying you are just carrying something for another, simply is not an acceptable explanation.

    Good luck.


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    i absolutley agree with you, and i have no problem at all for person who ll carry it to have a look at every single [pocket of all my clothes when they ll be accepting it from my friend!!
    plus in meanwhile have you heard of app Roadie?ppl do help others transport their staff in other states for some fee(mine was too expensive-even mkore than by USPS-148$)
    as i said agree woth you and understand concerns! but i am trying, ll see))

    thank you for your comment!!


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