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    Default Kingston, PA to Los Angeles (16 days) Late April

    Hi all,

    We are going to be driving from Kingston to LA in Late April (in a 31 foot RV), we want to drive up to Niagra then across to LA but can't decide what route to take.

    Options include Kingston-Niagra-Chicago-Minneapolis-Mount Rushmore-Yellow Stone-Idaho Falls-Lake Tahoe-San Francisco-LA (3,853)

    Kingston-Niagra-Idianapolis-St Louis-Kansas City-Oklahoma City-Amarillo-Albuquerqe-Phoenix-San Diego-LA (3,050)

    Kingston-Niagra-Idianapolis-St Louis-Kansas City-Denver-Lake Tahoe-San Francisco-Los Angeles (3,500)

    We really are not sure what the best route is, or what is nicest to see.

    Any advice would be great! As would a different route if suggested!

    thanks, Seb&Vic

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The best route is the one that takes you to the places you want to go to. It's a simple statement, but sometimes the answers are simple.

    I will say, you can pretty much toss Yellowstone out of your list right now, as in April the park is basically still in winter mode and most of it is not accessible by car.

    But other than that, what sounds appealing to you? You're doing this trip by RV, and yet you've mostly listed cities are your options. There's nothing wrong with focusing on cities, if that's what you enjoy, but if that's the case, then an RV probably isn't the best choice of vehicle.

    RV's shine for trips that focus on natural areas, so I would probably put the focus of my planning time examining the possibilities in Colorado and Utah (basically, creating a blend of options 2 and 3), where there are dozens of natural parks and unique wonders to explore. But narrowing it down beyond that really is up to you and what you hope to see and get out of your trip.

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    Default Back to maps.

    You have many more than three options for this route. But that is all Mr Google will give you.

    However, do you want to drive Mr Google's route? Or do you want to drive to the places you want to see? As Michael said, the best route is the one which takes you to those things you wish to see, those sights which interest you.

    For example, if I were driving from Kingston to Niagara, my first route would be US-6 through northern PA and stop at the Kinzua SP and the Grand Canyon of PA, maybe spend a little time in the Allegheni Forest. At Warren, I would probably look for a scenic route north towards Niagara.

    So get out some good maps. One of the US, the largest you can get. Then one of each State which is along or near your intended route. Go to your local AAA and get these maps. If you are a member, they will be free. These maps will have all the roads and routes for you to consider - probably dozens of them. They also show all National Parks, State Parks, National Forests, State Forests, National Monuments, Wildlife refuges, etc. They show historical routes and sites, and in case you are interested, glitzy touristy attractions. All scenic routes are shown as such.

    Don't underestimate the information available on good old maps. They are invaluable during the planning of a trip, and essential when on the road.


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