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  1. Default My first road trip rv in USA

    First of all I must apologize for my bad English
    I am planning a trip of 14 days (beginning of the trip the 21st of August to 4 September) with my family, my wife, my daughter (7 years old) and my mother, pick the RV in LA,
    First stop: the grand canyon, stopping overnight to know how the rv. Next day departure to the GC Nps begin my doubts, if not find reservation to camp within the GC Nps, and be camping campsites outside the Nps that would give me advice to get around without the rv and visit the various points of interest Nps in the GC I hope to spend 3 full days
    Second Stop: August 26 we left Yelowwstone Nps spending the night in Povo Utah, arriving at YW Nps the 27th of August, the same doubt the GC Nps, as I move my family without the rv and visit the Nps,
    Third Stop: Yosemite Nps, starting August 31 by night in some place not yet decided, reaching Yosemite spend two days and then return to LA the 4th of September.
    Need advice:
    The times for each Nps are enough to visit important sites.
    What sites should I not miss?
    Any other advice to kindly give me, I know they are appreciated.
    It's my first trip in RV do not have any kind of experience.
    Thank You

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    Default Visiting and camping in the national parks.

    Hi and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Be aware that most RV companies won't let you pick up the RV the day you come off a long haul flight.

    Camping within the National Parks, get onto the parks website now and look for bookings. If they are fully booked, check back each day. You may be able to pick up a cancellation. People's plans often change, so sites become available from time to time. But the sites have to be booked early, as they are limited and much sought after. So do all this as soon as possible.

    You might be better off taking one day off the GC and add it to Yellowstone. The GC NP can be seen in two days, but Yellowstone needs much more. It is a very large park with much to see. This too needs to be booked now.

    Each National Park has rangers and visitor centres. At the entrance you will be given a map of the park and information about the park. The rangers are always happy to answer your questions to help you with the parts which will interest you most. I would not worry too much about those details at this moment.


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