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  1. Default 1st Time Driving from South Jersey to Las Vegas (Easiest? Fastest? Best Sites?) Help!

    Hello everyone.

    Any and all detailed help about the fastest, easiest, or most worth it sites to stop and see routes is deeply appreciated. I wanted to do this before I passed away. And I'm planning to leave in a month.

    I've never done it before. But I've driven from South Jersey to Florida and handled that ok. This is cross country and much longer, but I am not afraid. Simply inexperienced, and uneducated with the states and routes to Las Vegas.

    Thank you again for any and all help, I'll read everything and stay current with this thread for the next 30 days and maybe even after the trip to review a few things.

    Help me!

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    Default Tell us more.

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    There is very little difference in time to hooking up with I76 taking I70 all the way all the way to I15 or taking I44/40 from St Louis if you are looking for 'quickest' and each would require at least 4 overnight stops without sightseeing excursions. Taking a different route out and back, presuming it's a round trip, will let you see more of the country. There really are no 'best' routes or 'best' sights, that will come down to how much time you can allow and what your interests are and you have told us nothing about either. There are thousands of possible attractions to choose from, anything from junk cars in the desert you can grafitti on, to the Grand canyon National park. What I would recommend is you do a little research and get a good map so that you can mark places of interest. Once you have the basics sorted you can tell us more about your interests and time and we can make meaningful suggestions.

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    Default Getting educated.

    Simply inexperienced, and uneducated with the states and routes to Las Vegas.
    Best thing for you to do is to get some a good map of the US to help you visualise clearly the States you will traverse between NJ and LV. As well, it would pay you to get the individual map of each of those States. AAA is one of the best places to procure maps. They are detailed in routes/roads and towns. They higlight scenic routes and show all natural places of interest, as well as historical sites and touristy attractions. If you are a member of AAA these are free.

    On the other hand you may prefer to get a Rand McNally road atlas of the US.

    Once you have studied the maps, you will have a good idea what there is to see along the route you choose. There are literally dozens of different routes, the fastest, the most scenic/historic, etc. Pick out the ones which interest you most according to your interests.

    Carry the maps with you for constant reference. Do not be tempted to rely solely on technology. Many have done so at their peril.

    Then when you return from this trip you will be both 'experienced and educated'.

    Have a great trip.


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