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    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for taking the time to read our post. I am sure we have some seasoned travellers out there who will be able to help us out with advice. We are from Australia and have planned a 6 week trans Nth America driving tour. That is where things get complicated. The broad outline is to land L.A. and drive route 66 across to Chicago and then on to NY, return trip back somewhere through Canada and Seattle, SF and L.A. Along the way we would like to see Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand canyon and of course all the other attractions a foreign family would find amazing. We are having trouble deciding wether to drive a large camper or mini van. We would like to camp in the national parks but what could we do with the vehicle in NY city etc.
    We would appreciate any route and vehicle advice.
    Hope to see you out there.
    Cheers Deon

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    Default Start with a good map.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    When will this trip take place?

    Do you actually have a good detailed map of the US? That would be the first thing to start with, to get a good idea of what is where and how all the places relate to each other. If you can't get one locally, Map World has an excellent map with most of the attractions, all the urban areas and roads and routes marked on it. I suggest you start with that, marking - with post it notes - all the places you would like to visit. Then you will see a route starting to appear which will take you to those places.

    As for Rte 66, this is a road which is mostly covered by the interstates, and has officially, not existed for decades. Following a route which was immortalised in a song, and does not go near all the amazing places to see in the US, does not make sense to me, when you have spent so much time and money to get there. You would be bypassing all the amazing natural wonders of Utah and Colorado. Wonders you will never see at home.

    Travelling with a car and motels will always be cheaper than a camper. So think carefully which way to go. As to what to do with a vehicle when in NYC, You could look for a long term park in NJ and take the train. (That's what I did.)

    You can fit in all of your musts, and many more attractions in the six weeks you have. I suggest you spend some time reading through the roadtrip field reports to see where others have gone.


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    Route 66 was going in the right direction I guess that's how it was incorporated. You nailed it, we want to see the good stuff. I will further investigate Utah and Colorado to see how we can navigate our way through. I figured we would leave the vehicle somewhere, thankyou for the New Jersey lead, it gives us a way forward.
    Cheers Deon

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    Default You'll find it all on good maps.

    Quote Originally Posted by melideon View Post
    You nailed it, we want to see the good stuff. I will further investigate Utah and Colorado to see how we can navigate our way through.
    That is why I recommended getting the map... and or a road atlas. I have never seen all the options open to you on a computer based mapping program, especially regarding scenic routes.

    Either a detailed wall map, as mentioned above, or a much more detailed road atlas, shows you all the options - Scenic routes, NP, NF, SP, SF and much, much more. The Rand McNally is one of the most widely used, and if you order it now you will have it in something like two weeks.


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    Default Who is "we".

    When you say we, is that a family, a couple two mates or.....?

    RV's are a great way to travel and you can often get campgrounds with travel links into the City, but they are expensive to rent and have high fuel consumption. Add to that mileage charges, campground fees and incidentals and it does add up. As a 'Lifestyle' choice they are great and if there are a group of 4 adults [for example] sharing the cost, it helps. If you are a couple who doesn't mind basic camping from time to time then a good compromise is a conversion van which is cheaper in all ways other than campground fees and you can treat yourself to a nice hotel bed every few nights. If it appeals check out Escape campers.

    For National Parks, other than those you have mentioned, in Utah there are Zion, Bryce canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches and Canyonlands and into Colorado there are Mesa Verde, Black Canyon, Rocky mountains and more. Add to that the scenic drives, State parks and small towns etc then you really are spoilt for choice, but if you plan to do a northern route coming back, I would certainly look at going via these States rather than Route 66.

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