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    Default LA to florida..sep 2015

    Hi everyone..I'm in the very early stages of planning a roadtrip across America. I'm planning on flying over from the UK in mid September and I want to drive from LA to florida. I've managed to book 4 weeks off work..will that be long enough?? Places I definitely want to visit are las vegas, grand canyon, roswell, area 51 (as close as I can get!). Any tips of other places to visit would be great. I'm open to the idea of shortening the roadtrip as I'm aware all the places I want to visit are reletively close to each other. The only reason I want to drive all the way to florida is because that's the only destination I've been to in the USA and I love it! Also what will the weather be like in mid sept to Oct?? Thanks for any help you can give me!!
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    Default A little to get you started.

    Hi Nathan, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Four weeks is lots of time, considering this trip could be done in less than a week of driving without sightseeing. So you have lots of flexibility to spend time enjoying places along the way. You might want to have a look at the old US highways to have break now and then to get off the highspeed interstates (motorways).

    Sept /Oct is a nice time to visit. The weather is not yet cold, school is in, so the crowds will be fewer and smaller, and many places go onto a 'shoulder' fee.

    You've been to FL before, so have you also been to the Keys, Everglades NP, Big Cypress Preserve and Kennedy Space Centre, to name but a few. There's just so much to see and do in FL. Be sure that at every State's welcome centre along the interstates, you stop and pick up State information and maps. They can turn out to be invaluable for all the information they contain.

    It was in early October 2013 that I stumbled upon Cruising the Coast. I made a point of staying in the area for a while. There were classic cars, vintage cars, and muscle cars everywhere you drove and looked. They would gather dozens at the time, in supermarket and large store car parks. It was magnificent to walk among them and just take pictures and admire them. I'm still drooling! I just love stumbling on unexpected sights like that.

    Besides the cars, the coastal drive through MS is worth driving. I think it is US-90. Beautiful mansions and white sands on the beach... and when I was there, in most places not a soul on the beach.

    You might also look at taking alt 27 from Talahassee to Ocala. It is an interstate standard road, but much more scenic, with a few little towns to slow you down. If you have anyone interested in quilting, the Quilt Museum is in Chiefland.

    This should get you started. I'm sure others will add many more suggestions.


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    Welcome to RTA!

    As a further way to get you started: take a look at the Map Centre here on this site. There are so many great suggestions there. No, you couldn't do all of them. The second would be to get a good atlas of the USA, or a big map, if you don't already have them. So many sights to see will be on a paper map, too.


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    Thanks so much for the feedback!! As it stands I'll currently be doing the roadtrip alone and I really just want to take in as many sights as possible. I like the idea of going for a drink in a local bar in the middle of texas and chatting to the locals!! I'm massively into ufos and stuff like that so I'd love to spend a few days in and around roswell and hear some of the local stories. I've been to florida 6 times, and as much as I love it I feel like I need to see a bit more of the states while I'm still young and single!

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