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  1. Default Searching the web is taking forever I75 ?

    I have been searching the web for a couple of days and found this website. Seems you guys know what your doing. This will be my first road trip with my husband and without the kid.
    We are from Detroit and plan on taking I 75. We are BORED!!!!
    Looking for something exciting down this highway. Any ideas?

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    Welcome to RTA!

    So -- where are you headed?????

    Another thought -- go into our Map Centre (drop down button on top) and see what might be mentioned along I-75 (if that's the route you want to take). It's amazing what is near those interstates that you may not otherwise notice!


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    oh wow thankyou for that map I can rest my little head now.
    I am leaving after the weekend and would love to take different routes, play around I 75.
    I was just so tired of looking through all the web sites.
    Just asking if anyone has seen anything worth going to off I 75.
    I think were gonna end at Atlanta but I would love to go to new Orleans and see all the graves.
    I think we might go to Chattanooga to see the rock city gardens and ruby falls. Has anyone went? Is it worth going?

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    Default Destination?

    If you are taking I-75, where is it that you are heading? Having driven in the area quite a few times, if you are beginning to find the interstate tedious, there are the old US highways which, although a little slower, can end up taking you to and past the most interesting surprises.

    Mr Google may not throw them up to you, but if you look on your paper maps - I assume you are using good maps - you will see these routes and many of the attractions along the way.

    Besides the benefit of good paper maps for your planning, be sure you take your maps with you. Relying totally on electronics is not wise. Some have done so at their peril.


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