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  1. Default Summer Road Trip New Orleans - SFO

    Hello !

    It's my first post here, but I've been reading this forum for a while !

    I will be travelling this summer with my girlfriend from New Orleans to San Francisco (3 days in New Orleans) and then 4 days in SFO.

    I like to drive and we'll be travelling in a "standard SUV" from a car rental. What do you think? All opinions welcome!

    Sorry for the mistakes or typo's... english is not my native langage :p



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    Default What, In Your Own Words, Are You Trying to Do?

    Willkommen! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Besides being a violation of RTA's policy, expecting people to go off-site, then click on a number of other links, all to read an incredibly detailed (turn by turn, and in a foreign language, no less!) itinerary just in order to figure out what you plan to do, is simply rude. If you can describe your trip and your questions in a much shorter format, we'll be glad to help you, but no one is going to look at your pages-long itinerary. Do not worry about your English. We deal with foreign visitors all the time and will give you the best advice we can.

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    Sorry for that ! Let's dot it again, and do it better !

    This summer I'll be travelling from New Orleans from San Francisco (road trip). I've been thinking "scenic" for the itinerary.

    I would be pleased to read your opinions as I've never been roadtripping in the US. We're early 30' years old and I like to drive. I'm especially asking myself about the "length" of the steps I've planned: is it too much driving ??

    Our idea is to wake up "early" and to enjoy the day driving (no hurry).

    I'm also wondering if my idea to "avoid" Interstate Highways for most steps is a good strategy?

    Here's the plan:

    Day 1: New Orleans - Natchez - Natchitotches (night) (320 Miles)
    Day 2: Natchitotches - Austin (night) (361 Miles)
    Day 3: Austin (off)
    Day 4: Austin - Amarillo (533 Miles)
    Day 5: Amarillo - Santa Fe (NM) (290 Miles)
    Day 6: Santa Fe - Cortez (341 Miles)
    Day 7: Cortez - Page (260 Miles)
    Day 8: Page - Page (round trip to Zion and back) (250 Miles)
    Day 9: Page - Flagstaff (209 Miles)
    Day10: Flagstaff - Las Vegas (249 miles)
    Day11: Las Vegas (off)
    Day12: Las Vegas - Pismo Beach (490 Miles)
    Day13: Pismo Beach
    Day14: Pismo Beach - San Francisco (271 Miles)

    Hope this time I did it right ;-)


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    Default National parks ?

    Going from Page to Zion and back really isn't going to give you time to enjoy the park. I am presuming that your Flagstaff is to visit the Grand canyon. [?] If this is the case I would go from Cortez [presume Mesa Verde NP] to the Grand canyon and then through Page to Zion NP and south on I15 to Vegas. What I would actually consider, given your time constraints and the fact that you need guided tours in Mesa Verde to see the dwellings which all take time, is heading to GC direct from Santa Fe and have more time to enjoy GC and Zion and perhaps some other nearby attractions at the expense of Mesa Verde.

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    Default An alternative.

    Rather than go from Page to Zion and back and then down to Flagstaff for the Grand Canyon, I would go from Page to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. By far my preferred rim, just as spectacular as the south rim, if not more so, far less commercialised, easier to park, smaller crowds and able to drive to all view points.

    there is accommodation at Jacob's Creek and Fredonia, though I have mostly stayed in Kanab. The drive into the north rim is a very scenic drive, as is the drive from Page to the North Rim. The latter will take you over the Navajo Bridge (stop at the turnout and see the history) Vermillion Cliffs and Lees Ferry. That is where the rafts through the Grand Canyon launch themselves into the Colorado River. You can drive right up to the river in several places at Lees Ferry. Driving into there is also a spectacular drive, with lots of places to stop and admire the rock formations. It is a place on very few people's itenary, and as such there are very few folk.

    You could stay in Page, visit the places along the way till you get to Fredonia and Jacob's creek. Visit the North rim and stay at Jacob's Creek. Spend the next day in the Grand Canyon again.... there is soooooo much to see there. Try to catch a sunrise and/or sunset at the Grand Canyon. Most folk gather at the Lodge as it is a great place to get good photos. Next night stay in Kanab before continuing to Zion. It is not a long way, if you leave early you can still have the best part of that day in Zion.... another wonderful place.

    Then you can go straight to LV.


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    Thank you for your suggestion.

    I'll probably reconsider the steps after Page. Sounds better.

    Considering Santa-Fe to Cortez, we're not especially interested in the Mesa Verde NP. Our plan was to leave early (3AM) from Cortez to reach Monument Valley for sunrise. And then head to Page for the afternoon, take a Swim in lake Powell and finish the day there.

    But, then, as you suggest, the following day we can manage to go to the North Rim and get back to Page. And the day after, head directly to Zion and find a place to sleep here instead of Flagstaff. I'll check that.

    Thank you for your suggestions !

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    Lifey, US-89 is closed between Page and the Alt-89 junction. This makes it more difficult to get from Page to the North Rim - you have to take 89T and double back, or take 89 to Kanab and double back.

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    Default Ooooop!

    Yes, I did forget that.

    But, then, as you suggest, the following day we can manage to go to the North Rim and get back to Page ...
    But even if it were not closed, it would not give much time at the GC if you were to drive back to Page. Page is not the place to stay for visiting the North Rim. There is accommodation much closer.


  9. Default

    Hi Guys,

    I'd like to thank you for your returns. I've made some changes according to your posts:

    From Santa-Fe we'll go directly in Kayenta for the night and sunrise the day after in Monument Valley.

    Then, from Kayenta (MV) we'll go to Springdale (Zion NP). Spend the afternoon, the night there and part of the morning next day.

    After that, we'll head to Kanab for check-in and directly to the NorthRim (GC). Once there, we'll wait sunset and head back to Kanab for the night. And then... we'll see. Flagstaff or go to Las Vegas from Kanab !

    Have a nice day,


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    Instead of Kayenta, you may want to come in from the other direction and spend the night at Mexican Hat.

    Just so you know, Kanab to the North Rim is close to a 2 hour drive - each way. You might want to spend the night in Jacob Lake instead.

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