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    We are in the early stages of planning our honeymoon, a road trip to New Orleans. We live west of Indianapolis and after looking on a map, it seemed to make sense to add Memphis on the way down and Nashville on the way back. I initially had St. Louis then Memphis to New Orleans, but I think that's a little too far out of the way (unless someone can convince me, lol).

    So, I suppose before I ask for advice and suggestions, I should give you a little background. The wedding is still at least a year (maybe two) away. This will be our first trip together. We chose New Orleans because of the culture. She loves museums and art. And I like food (I'm a guy; enough said). We both are slightly interested in paranormal/supernatural phenomenon too. Not saying I believe, but it's fun. Like Halloween.

    We haven't planned how long yet. I'm hoping at least a week, but two weeks if I can swing it (might as well, right?). We have no budget yet, but I'd like to hear what you guys think about that. We've got time to save. I would just like to have a goal in mind.

    So, other than how long of trip and how much should we save, any suggestions of where to go, stay, and/or see? I really appreciate any advice. Travel books or guides are nice, but I like to hear the personal stories from the people that were there. I think we'd like to do some "touristy" stuff, but we be totally willing to go "off the beaten path" a little.


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    Honeymoons that include significant driving are a special breed of RoadTrip. While the time on the road can still be pleasurable, it should definitely not be the main focus of the trip. Being together with your new mate in quiet settings, where you can get to know each other as well as explore new places, should be. This is also not a vacation to scrimp and save on, but to spend enough to be comfortable.

    Those precepts should make it clear that a week is not enough time to complete the loop you have in mind. You'd be spending roughly half of all your time in the car. You'll get plenty of time throughout your married life for that. So my first recommendation would be that you either get that second week pinned down, or drastically shorten your loop - No New Orleans.

    As for money, my wife and I have found that a rule-of-thumb figure of $150-175 a day lets us stay at fairly nice B&Bs rather than cinder block motels, eat our main meal of the day at real restaurants rather than ordering fast food from the mouth of a clown, visit a quiet venue or two as we drive along, and pay for the gas. You'd have to add in any possible flight or rental car costs, but such a figure, roughly $1250 for a week or $2500 for two, should make for a nice and memorable honeymoon.

    I will also start you off with a couple of suggestions to include in your planning. South of Memphis try to follow the Great River Road and take in as much of the antebellum South as you can. Vicksburg and Natchez should both be included in your itinerary (assuming you have two weeks, of course.) Then northbound take the Natchez Trace Parkway as much as you can. This is about as romantic a road as you'll find anywhere and takes you close to Tupelo and Shiloh. Another venue to seriously consider is Mammoth Caves National Park.


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