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  1. Default Seattle to Oklahoma City

    I am planning a road trip from Seattle to Oklahoma City next week. I have been checking road conditions the best I can, as I haven't driven anywhere out of Washington State before. It appears that everything is ok (no snow or ice) currently.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Input? Know of any possible tricky spots with weather or bad roads?

    Google has me taking I-90 to I84 down through Boise, Salk Lake City, and to Denver via I-25. Then over to Wichita, and south to OKC.

    Thank you so much!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    The way this winter has been, there's always a chance of some adverse weather even this late in the season. With that in mind, I think I'd modify Google's advice.

    I would take I-90 to Buffalo WY, I-25 to Denver, I-70 to Salina KS, then I-135/I-35 to OKC. This is longer than what Google would recommend, but it keeps you on well-maintained Interstate highways and away from I-80 across WY, which is subject to high winds and bad driving conditions if it should snow. This drive will take you 4 days, it would not be wise to attempt it in any less.

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    It's best to keep an eye on the forecasts right up to the point you are leaving and then make an informed decision and keep checking while you travel. Remember that a trip like this is a marathon and not a sprint so dont push to hard at the start when you are fresh or you will end up exhausted. Split the trip into equal segments and get well rested each night.

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    Thank you for the input! That route is barely longer (20 something miles).

    I am hoping to do the trip in 2 days; 2 14 hour chunks. Maybe there is a hotel in Billings,MT or Buffalo, WY for me to stop at the half way point?

    Thanks again!

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    Thanks for the 2 cents Dave! Will do!

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    Default No way !

    There is no way you could do this trip in 28 hours and in no way should you attempt to do it in 2 days for safetys sake ! This trip should be measured in days, not hours and you are going to need 3 overnight stops and hope the weather co-operates. If you don't have the time to do this, please fly.

    Google maps thinks you can drive at the speed limit non stop for as long as it takes. Unfortunately the need for fuel, food, bathroom breaks and rest gets in the way of that, along with traffic congestion and road construction. This will be closer to 35 hours and if you got real lucky, you could possibly get away with 2 overnight stops, but it's not recommended.

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    Unless you have several drivers, you will not be able to do this trip in 2 days. I would take GLC's route.
    or I-5 to Bakersfield to I-40 (most likely no bad weather except at possibly Shasta this late in the season). Again, Seattle to Sacramento = 1 night. Sacramento to Gallup = 1 night. Gallup to OKC = 1 night. All highway speeds, except at Shasta. (safer would be 4 nights)

    Either way, you will be exhausted by the time you get there. Do not expect to have lots of energy the following day after arrival.

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    Going I-5 to I-40 adds about 500 miles to the trip - that's one full extra day on the road compared to either I-90 or I-80.

    But as has already been said multiple times, trying to do this in 2 days is homicidal - even with multiple drivers. Even attempting it in 3 is beyond the safety limits that professional drivers are required by law to follow. For someone who has never driven out of state before, attempting this with less than 3 overnight stops is a very bad idea.

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    Default I'd back all that.

    following on from Michaell's advice, unless you have more experience, and are a better drivier than those who live on the road for a living - and by your own admission, you do not - follow the above advice, and make sure that this is a memorable trip for all the right reasons.

    Two days would no doubt make it memorable.... but for all the wrong reasons.


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    Thank you for all the input everyone! I will fly next week, as I don't have enough time to drive this time.

    However, I will drive this summer down there. I bet it's a beautiful drive in June.


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