My wife and I have booked a trip to the USA for 17 nights next year, with our 3 year old son (who'll turn 4 while we're out there). We land in Dallas and fly back to London from Miami. We have a very vague outline of the places we'd like to go to, but haven't figured out how long to spend in each place yet and are open to changes.

We're thinking of visiting:


San Antonio

New Orleans



I'd really appreciate any suggestions about how to divide up the trip and also whether there are any additional places we should be thinking of going to (or if any of the places listed can be left off). I know that there are a lot of historical sites to visit on the route we're taking, but bearing in mind that we have a 3 year old we may be somewhat limited in how many of these we'll be able to take in. We've been to Disney World with him so we won't be spending much (if any) time there. In particular, if we were to drive from New Orleans to Atlanta, is there much to see in between, as I've been struggling to find anything feasible?