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  1. Default Houston to San Diego road trip over 3 weeks

    Hi all and thanks for taking the time to read my question.

    I know its a long way off but we are planning the above roadtrip in April 2016.

    We have family in Houston so ideally plan to stay there for 4 or so days and then travel to san diego ( taking our time and stopping off on the way) I appreciate its just over 2800 miles but we are in no rush and would like to take in some of the old route 66.

    So basically after some ideas of places to stay to maximise a once in a lifetime trip (we are from wales,Uk)

    currently thinking of:

    las vegas
    San Francisco
    San Diego

    Would luv some ideas/suggestions to make this amazing.
    It will be myself and my wife
    19yr old son and 2 daughters 12 and 10
    my son is doing a degree in Geology so looking at stopping off on the way in petrified forest etc

    apologies for the long post but really would like some opinions and advice

    thanks Steve

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    Default Lots of options.

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    At this early stage of your planning I would recommend you search around RTA for ideas, not just the forums but the trip planning pages in the tool bars above and get a good map to study as there are thousands of possibilities. You have a list of citys but what are your other interests ? With research you will be able to find places of interest in between those listed and then plot a route. Obvious choices such as Monument valley, the Grand canyon, Death valley and Yosemite NPs come to mind as well as the scenic coast road around Big Sur between SF and LA. Covering around a 1000 mi!as a week is a comfortable pace with time to sight see. Going up into Southern Utah and visiting places such as Antelope canyon, Bryce canyon and Zion would also be worth consideration.

    As you research and more specific questions come up just ask away.

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    Default New Mexico suggestions

    we are in no rush and would like to take in some of the old route 66.
    West of Amarillo, the town of Tucumcari, NM would be a fun place to visit or possibly stay overnight.

    my son is doing a degree in Geology so looking at stopping off on the way in petrified forest etc
    The Sandia Mountains and the Jemez Mountains are both easily accessible from Albuquerque. I’m sure your son would find them quite interesting. There are plenty of volcanic areas in New Mexico you could visit. A lot of options, just as Southwest Dave said.
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    Default Seeing all your choices.

    Since you have family in Houston, ask them to send you maps of all the States through which you plan to travel - TX,NM.AZ,UT and CA, mauybe even CO.

    If they are members of their local AAA, all the better, the maps will be free.

    On these excellent maps you will see all attractions along the way of your chosen route. All national and state parks, historical sites and touristy glitz. You will also be able to see which are the scenic routes between them. So much information on paper maps, which you will you will not immediately see within the confines of a little screen.

    If you'd rather not ask, you are able to purchase a Rand McNally road atlas from the shop on the green bar above. You will have it in a week or two.


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