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    I'm driving from Long Island to Danville, KY next weekend and I'm looking for the best way to get there. I'm not interested in sight-seeing on my way and I would like to stick to major highways as much as possible, as I am a little concerned regarding the weather. Any suggestions?

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    One of our themes around here is that there is no "one best route" to go any place. You have several different combinations available to you. It's a 750 mile trip no matter which of the two or three "shortest routes" you take, so it's going to be about a day-and-a-half drive. If it were me, I'd "shunpike" as much as I could, to avoid the tolls. That would mean I-95 NJTP/I-76 (some tolls)/I-81/I-68/I-79/I-64. Another possibility (more tolls) would be I-95 NJTP/I-76 (PATP)/I-70/I-71. (If you don't already have one, run to your nearest Wal-Mart or bookstore and buy a Rand McNally road atlas. Or go to your AAA office, if you're a member, because they can give you the maps you need.)

    Weather is often going to be a factor in travel at this time of the year, especially in the NE this year. Allow extra time in case you have to hold up somewhere to wait out a storm. The good news: interstates/turnpikes are very important to the transport of goods around our country, so they keep those open as long as they can. The bad news: sometimes you have to make the decision to get off the road before the local agencies make the decision FOR you.


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    Welcome to RTA!

    There's not really a way to predict the exact weather and road conditions till you are actually ready to leave. The most direct route using Interstates is I-78 through NJ and PA to I-81 to Hagerstown MD, I-70 west to I-68 to Morgantown WV, I-79 to Charleston WV, I-64 to Lexington KY, US-27/68 to the north bypass (a bunch of numbers - Bypass 421/25/60/KY-4), US-60 past the airport, Blue Grass Parkway to US-127. In good weather, this is a 1.5 day drive. How you get to I-78 depends on exactly where in Long Island you are, and I assume you know the best way to get there. I would probably lean toward taking the Verrazano and Outerbridge and taking I-287 to I-78. If you would rather take the northern way out you can take the Throgs Neck or Bronx-Whitestone to the George Washington, then I-80 to I-287.

    EDIT: This avoids even more tolls than either of Donna's suggestions, and my software shows it to be the most direct and fastest. Donna's suggestions also have some numbering gaps and inaccuracies, don't get confused. There really isn't a way to avoid any hilly terrain no matter how far north or south you detour.

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