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    Hello everybody, I am currently planning a 5-7 day long road trip with my girlfriend in the last week of May. I've been working on an itinerary and I wanted to know if you guys had any suggestions for it. Both of us are in good shape and are looking to do some great hiking.

    Day 1: Drive to Zion, plan to get there at about 1 pm and do a few mile long hike and set up camp.
    Day 2: Do one of the classic hikes like Angels Landing or The Narrows and depending on how we're feeling maybe another short one after that then drive to Bryce Canyon.
    Day 3: See sunrise at Bryce Point, hike the Navajo Loop and then drive to Antelope Canyon
    Day 4: Do a hike in Antelope/Horseshoe
    Day 5: Grand Canyon

    Is there anything I overlooked? Anything you would replace? Thank you so much for your help!

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    Default Timing and Times

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    Unless you plan to leave Los Angeles very early in the morning, say well before 6:00 AM, you are not going to get to Zion at 1:00 PM. Travel times you get from mapping software are pure fantasy and do not take into account morning rush hour traffic in L.A., the need for the two of you to stop for gas, food, or bathroom breaks, nor the extra time needed to get through Las Vegas, nor the time to check into the park. You might still have time for a short hike on the evening you arrive at Zion, but you need to be more realistic in your expectations while planning so as not to be disappointed when reality rears its ugly head. Other than that, your plans look fine with the caveat that Grand Canyon to Los Angeles is another full day's drive and will get you back into the L.A. area during or shortly after evening rush hour.


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    I would certainly aim for the 7 days as 5 days just won't be enough to visit all those places and get some hiking in. You could reverse your trip and drive direct to GC on day 1, sight see on day 2 and make your way to Page. Day 3 see Antelope canyon and head for Bryce canyon, day 4 Sight see Bryce and drive to Zion and then have all of day 5 to hike and spend another night. Day 6 you could head back to LA and hand back the RV, or break the journey with a night in Vegas or spend an extra night elsewhere in your trip if you have 7 days. I'm not sure it makes much difference to your trip other than you can do spend a couple of nights in Zion and enjoy your hiking. Stay at the Watchman campground just inside the park and near the town of Springdale.

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