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    Default road trip december 2015

    Australian traveling.
    I am planning a trip to the usa in dec of this year and am planning to drive from new York through Washington dc and on to Denver then on to the west coast .
    I have around 8 days to make the trip and am interested to get some ideas on places to go and things to see along the way .
    also the best route to take given the weather at that time of year .We will be hiring a car in new York and dropping off in san Francisco .

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    Default Not much time.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    The best route to take on a trip like this is dependent on the weather forecast leading up to your departure. Hence you have a while to wait, to make that decision.

    All cross country routes are subject to winter weather..

    How much time were you expecting to spend in DC? A cross country trip such as you are planning is a six day trip, spending all your daylight hours driving.... at that time of the year. On top of that we recommend that you keep a day up your sleeve just in case of a nasty weather event.

    So I would not plan on too many sightseeing distractions along the way.

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    Default Agreed.

    I agree that you don't have much time for sight seeing at all and that's if the weather co-operates. Hopefully your 8 days doesn't include time to visit NY and SF because then you really don't have enough time for a cross country trip. I would consider visiting either the east or the west coast, not both. You would have a more relaxed time to enjoy places rather than just driving through them. I would suggest you do a little research by poking around the RTA site and studying a good map and see what sites and routes appeal to you and have a plan 'B' and 'C' until you know what the weather is doing. You won't have the need to book lodgings in advance and because of the time of year you travel you would be better off to 'wing' it.

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    Default A further thought.

    In NYC and DC a car is more of a liability than an assett. Both cities have excellent public transport and parking is expensive in both, and often hard to find. You would be best to take the commuter train between those two cities, and pick up a car after your visit to DC. It is expensive to pick up a rental car in NY.

    Are you aware of the one way drop fee. It costs quite a bit to pick up a car on the east coast and drop it on the west coast.... it often runs into many hundreds of dollars. (One reason why on this forum, you will see a loop trip recommended so frequently.)


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