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    Hello everyone.

    My fiancée and I will be doing a long road trip soon. Our first leg is Atlanta to Nashville. I wanted to ask those who are familiar with I-24, what kind of conditions we may expect.

    We plan on making the trip in a small sports car and I am a little concerned about weather. Are the roads usually clear in the daytime?

    I grew up in the Rockies and am familiar with how bad roads can get. I assumed being further south and lower elevation the trip to Nashville couldn't get too bad -- I hope I want too naive.

    We will also be continuing on to Las Vegas. We will move south through Dallas and Phoenix and I'm hoping we won't face too much weather on that route.

    What are your thoughts?


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    Welcome to RTA!

    Since you are going "soon", I would keep an eye on the weather reports. While I-40 can and does occasionally get snowed upon, they are quick to clean it up and get the road flowing again. They're used to it, as this highway is above 5000 ft elevation most of the way between Albuquerque NM and Williams AZ.

    Going down through Dallas and then Phoenix may cost you extra miles that you don't really need to drive. If you are taking I-20 from Dallas and then I-10 through Tucson and up to Phoenix, I can tell you that occasionally I-10 gets snowed or iced up, and they aren't as quick to clean it up as they are with 40. Simply put, their equipment is scattered because I-10 doesn't need it as often.

    If it were me, I'd get up to I-40 and take that as far as I could get. If snow or ice closes the freeway, I'll sit out for a day or so and wait while the weather and roads improve.

    But just wait to make a decision until just before your trip.


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