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    I am taking my first road trip with my three children 13, 8, 8 (twins) and husband this summer and need some help. I have spent hours combing google to find nothing that can help me, I hope someone here can. We live in MD, which means we visit DC, WV and PA quite a bit. We are looking to start from home in MD (Western side) and head up to Niagra Falls then possibly over to ME or MA and then back home a different route then we came. MD to Niagra Falls is not that far, but we would be willing to stop in PA if something is worth stopping for. We have seen most battlefields, amish etc. that most people recommend since we live so close we see that often. I am looking for interesting and fun things to do along the way for my kids. Historical sites, lakes, rivers, amusement parks, white water rafting is something I want to make sure is on the trip. We will have an RV and want nice, fun campgrounds to camp at every night. The biggest trouble I am having is where to go from Niagra Falls then back home. Would love to see the Boston area or the Maine area, but seems so far from Niagra falls, is there things to do along the way to one of these locations and which should we try and get to? Also, the way back home, something different as we drive to NYC and Live fairly close to Baltimore and DE too. Thanks so much for any help you can offer, or if you know of somewhere I can go and have someone help me that would be great too!
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    Welcome to RTA!

    How long do you have for the trip? Have you been to Hershey Park or Cedar Point, since you mention amusement parks? Do you have passports that will allow you both and your children to cross over to Canada in order to see the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls?

    Lifey is our expert on Boston -- someplace I'd like to visit. I understand that it isn't easy to get around, especially if you have a large RV, due to parking issues. But I'll let her give you some advice on that.

    Maine is absolutely gorgeous. We especially loved driving US-1 from Portland, ME to Acadia NP/Bar Harbor.

    Your children have probably studied the Pilgrims that landed in Plymouth, MA. There is a historical recreation of Plimouth Plantation up there.


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    Default Not much fun..... and fun.

    Since I have been nominated to comment on Boston.... I will start by saying that if you are looking for fun, I can assure you that driving and parking an RV in the narrow winding streets of Boston is anything, but fun. I am not aware of any RV parks in the outer areas (have never needed them).

    In Boston you have the Freedom Trail, which since you are interested in history would have to be a must. There are also the Army Ducks which take you out to see the city from the water. A great ride... again, the children will love it. Furthermore, thinking of the children, there is a wonderful Children's Museum.

    That's a start. I am sure a little research will turn up lots more, or simply a visit to the Visitor Centre in Boston. Most of my time in Boston is spent with family, doing family things.

    Nearby is the above mentioned Plymouth. A lovely historic town, with some really nice old buildings. In nearby Carver there is an RV park among the pine trees. A lovely place where I have stayed a few nights.

    In Sturbridge, along I-84 is old Sturbridge Village, a place my grandchildren love.


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