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    Together with my boyfriend we are planning make a nice and unforgettable trip from SF to NY and visit Miami as well. We will start from SF and then LA, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon. That's for sure. And what's next we still don't know and need your help guys :) I read some reviews and hope you could help us. We think maybe take a Interstate 40 to Oklahoma City and go to Dallas, New Orleans, Miami and then through East Coast to NY because from there is our flight back to Europe. We haven't checked the cities, nice places yet. We would like to rent a car or buy a car. Our time will be almost 3 weeks. That's maximum what we can do.

    Please help us with planning our trip and can't wait for your ideas!


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    Welcome to RTA!

    You are looking at a 5000 mile trip. This means you would have to drive 250 miles a day every day - which will take close to 5 hours. On days that you are sightseeing, you will probably be driving less, so you would have to drive more on other days to make up for it. The trip is doable, but you will probably feel quite rushed if you want to enjoy anything.

    Buying a car would not be feasible for a 3 week trip, it would take you longer than that just to sort out the paperwork. Also, as non-residents it's quite difficult to actually register a car to drive it. You also have the resale issue which also is time-consuming and you stand to lose a lot of money. If the car breaks down, what do you do? If a rental breaks down, a national rental company will take care of you.

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    Default When and what?

    When will this trip take place?

    Do you actually have detailed maps of the US and the States through which you plan to travel. Maps reveal a lot, including all the natural attractions, State Parks, National Parks, Wildlife Refuges, etc. as well as historical sites and touristy attractions. Much more than you will ever see within the confines of a computer screen. If the trip is still months off, you could order yourself a road atlas, which will help greatly in the planning process, and will be essential when on the road.

    Buying a car for a period of less than three months is really not economical. Much cheaper and easier to rent, and far greater peace of mind. Besides cities what are your interests? You do not need to stick to I-40 or any other interstate. There are many more scenic and enjoyable routes available to you - albeit slower routes. These are all marked on good maps and in road atlases.

    Go to your automobile club, and ask if they have a reciprical arrangement with the AAA. Their maps could also be of great benefit when you are on the road.


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    iwonka! I must say your tour plan is really amazing and definitely both of you will enjoy there a lot. All these regions are full of ideal destinations especially Grand Canyon is one of the promising places of the world.

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    Thank you so much for your replies. We did't have time before to think more about our trip so now we have only one week to plan it all.
    Our planes changed and we decided to make a roud trip on West coast then take a plane to Miami and finish the trip in Newark, because from there we have a flight to Europe.

    So this is what we planned so far:

    04/03 1 Day Reno NV -San Francisco
    04/04 2 Day San Francisco
    04/05 3 Day Leaving SF around midday - going by the coast - Santa Maria
    04/06 4 Day Santa Barbara - Arriving to LA in the evening, Hollywood
    04/07 5 Day Los Angeles
    04/08 6 Day Los Angeles
    04/09 7 Day morning going to Las Vegas
    04/10 8 Day Las Vegas
    04/11 9 Day Grand Canyon
    04/12 10 Day Death Valley, Yosemite

    04/13 11 Day Reno-Miami flight

    04/14 12 Day Miami - Key West
    04/15 13 Day Miami Beach
    04/16 14 Day
    04/17 15 Day
    04/18 16 Day
    04/19 17 Day
    04/20 18 Day
    04/21 19 Day
    04/22 20 Day
    04/23 21 Day Newark - Europe flight

    We want to make a list of places/things to see/do in that places so if you hve some advices please let us know.
    For now just couple ideas for San Francisco:
    - Pier 39
    - Golden Gate , Golden Gate Park
    - Twin Peaks
    - Lombard Street

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