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  1. Default San Fran to Juneau - Advice

    Thanks in advance for any advice and help provided.....

    Am looking at heading back to visit friends in Sept/Oct. Have done LA to San Fran a few times so I am OK with that section but am after info from San Fran north.

    - Must do's on the way (or off the way)
    - suggested stops
    - advice on ferry or fly to Juneau
    - and anything else you can suggest

    It just the wife and me and we were even thinking of hiring a small RV as opposed to a car but thoughts on this would be great as well.

    One again, thanks in advance.

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    Default They're all choices.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Ferry or Fly? A difficult choice. The ferry through the inside passage is spectacular, and although I have not flown over the coast, I would imagine if you were to have a window seat, the sights over the coast and mountains would be likewise.

    You can of course drive the spectacular route to Skagway and take the ferry from there to Juneau. Or you could take the Highway of Tears to Prince Rupert, and take the ferry from there. Though that is nowhere near as scenic a route as the one up to Skagway.

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    Default Time ?

    An RV can be a wonderful 'Lifestyle' choice if it's your 'thing' but it will almost certainly be more expensive than a car and Motels, unless someone like Cruise America needs one relocating up north. Dropping a rental off anywhere outside the lower 48 will be very expensive, if at all possible.

    How much time have you got available for the Road trip part of your trip. North of SF you have Point Reyes, the Redwoods and you could carry on up the Oregon coast, although inland attractions like the Columbia River Gorge might be of interest. It might be a bit late for Crater Lake into October but is worth considering depending on weather.

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    Thanks for the welcome.

    We will have 6 weeks in total over there but this section of our holiday will be the largest chunk of time. And having never driven north of SF I want to make sure we see and enjoy that part of the world.

    The RV is probably an afterthought and like you mentioned the benefits would be negated by cost, particularly the way our Aussie dollar is at this time.

    Looks like Google will be getting a workout work the tips I have so far.

    A big Aussie thanks for that.

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    Default Google vs REAL maps.

    Quote Originally Posted by OZontheway View Post
    Looks like Google will be getting a workout work the tips I have so far.
    You would be much better off with some decent maps of the area through which you plan to travel. Since this trips is still many months away, I highly urge you to get a Rand McNally atlas, (if you do not still have one from your last trip). These are invaluable during the trip planning stage, and essential when you are on the road. If you order it now, you will have it in a couple of weeks.

    Real maps will give you much more than the towns and roads, they have scenic routes marked, as well as natural, historic and touristy attractions. Much much more than you will ever manage to learn from a computer mapping program or gps. Do not fall into the trap of relying solely on electronics. Many have done so at their peril... some fatal.

    If you're heading up from downunder, I would recommend you take your local automobile membership (RACV, NRMA, etc.) with you. It will give you access to free maps and tourism information from the AAA. You could pick up individual maps of all States and Provinces through which you plan to travel while in SF. I like to travel with a road atlas, AAA maps, free State issued maps and my gps. Invariably you will find something on one map, which is not on the other two.


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    Thanks for that Lifey, haven't got one but will order today.

    Will hit up the local state tourist bodies, triple A etc as well.

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